Original WWE plans for Damian Priest revealed

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Original WWE plans for Damian Priest revealed

In the last few weeks, it seems that WWE really wants to put a lot of emphasis on wrestler Damian Priest. The former NXT won at SummerSlam and became United States Champion by taking the first title on the main roster and beating The Celtic Warrior Sheamus.

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw, a further signal of the positive turnaround that Vince McMahon's company wants to give to Priest has arrived to launch him maybe soon 'in the big ones' In the red show the WWE saw Priest open Raw and immediately launch an Open Challenge for its title.

After him, there were several interventions and in the end, a Triple Threat Match was sanctioned valid for the title between the champion Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. After a very pleasant and interesting match at the end, The Archer of Infamy kept the title getting the winning pin on The Scottish Psychopath and thus conquering a prestigious victory.

Damian Priest began his WWE career in 2018

Damian Priest began his WWE career in 2018 and made his TV debut on NXT in 2019. He quickly rose through the ranks to be a part of Team NXT at Survivor Series in 2019 and won the NXT North American title last year.

He was moved to the main roster earlier this year and teamed up with musician Bad Bunny for a high-profile match at WrestleMania 37 against The Miz and Morrison. He won his first title on the main roster last month at SummerSlam where he defeated Sheamus to become United States Champion.

During the last episode of Wrestling Observer Radio Dave Meltzer hinted and explained that WWE did not initially have these plans for the wrestler. In fact, several changes have been made to this segment, here are the words of the well-known colleague: "It seems that initially, WWE plans were to see a headline showdown between Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton and Sheamus instead had to be cut out of the US title race.

The reality (according to Meltzer) was to see a single title match between Drew McIntyre and Damian Priest, but ultimately they opted to add Tue Celtic Warrior." Meltzer confirmed that WWE changed plans numerous times before the show and that that was just the final act of what was planned for the Monday Night Raw segment.

With the Reckoning Damian Priest took home a nice victory and at the end of the match the champion and Drew McIntyre after an intense exchange of glances they gave each other a sign of mutual respect.