Former WWE writer is concerned about Goldberg

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Former WWE writer is concerned about Goldberg

Goldberg was one of the big players of the last month, having made his return to WWE in the episode following the pay-per-view Money in the Bank. The former Universal champion has started a heated rivalry with Bobby Lashley, which culminated in a clash between the two at SummerSlam.

The meeting left a bitter taste in the mouths of both fans and insiders, as it did not produce a definitive outcome. The contest was in fact stopped due to an injury suffered by Bill, while 'The All Mighty' attracted the ire of the WWE Universe by attacking Gage (Goldberg's son) after the bell rang.

Goldberg appeared on Raw this week via a pre-recorded segment, intending to send a message to the current WWE champion. The feeling is that Vince McMahon's company is paving the way for Bill to triumph at Crown Jewel by beating Lashley in an untitled match.

Vince Russo reflects on Goldberg

During the latest edition of 'Legion of RAW', which airs weekly on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo illustrated how WWE is risking damaging Goldberg's image. "There is a huge problem that no one seems to realize.

Goldberg was defeated by Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam just over a week ago, his son was attacked and now he claims he no longer wants the WWE Championship, but wants to rip the soul out of Lashley's chest. If that's his real intention, he can't disappear again until the show in Saudi Arabia, otherwise, his character would risk losing any credibility.

I would expect Bill's appearances to become frequent in the coming weeks. My fear is that things will go in the opposite direction” - explained Russo. Goldberg has a contract that binds him to WWE until 2023, in which two matches are scheduled per year.

Bill had already appeared in 2021 for a feud with Drew McIntyre, from whom he had been clearly beaten at the Royal Rumble. Until October 2019, Goldberg lived in his house in Bonsall, California, which he purchased in 2001.

He had purchased a mansion in 2001, which was the Mediterranean in style. The home was a large one set on 17.5 acres and was 4600 square feet. It also had a large swimming pool. Bonsall, California is located 15 miles north of San Diego, California.

Goldberg also has a large car collection as a result of which he had a 20 car garage. When he listed it for sale, the mansion was valued at $3.2 million.