Sheamus was afraid that his career was over

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Sheamus was afraid that his career was over

Many times the careers of WWE wrestlers are literally broken by very serious injuries, which force athletes to retire for a short period or even forever, due to the severity of these physical problems. Initially also for Daniel Bryan and for Edge, it seemed like this, with the two who were for a long time away from the ring, before being able to return to the discipline they loved, Edge even after nine years of absence.

In all this, even several smaller injuries initially seem decidedly more serious, especially when it comes to the head and neck, which are two very delicate areas of the body of an athlete and of the human body in general.

Even Sheamus in the past year has had obvious physical problems, due to a concussion remedied in 2019, which worried him much more than it should, but with good reason, given what happened in the past with several wrestlers, who have reached old age with serious brain problems due to the continuous concussion suffered in the ring.

Sheamus has dismissed suggestions that morale amongst WWE Superstars is often low.

Sheamus reveals his fear of having to quit wrestling

Dozens of men and women have received their releases from WWE this year, including Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman.

Reports often emerge about the negative atmosphere in the locker room following a round of releases. However, Sheamus does not believe the rumors are accurate. In his latest Comicbook interview, the WWE Celtic Warrior revealed how he was very afraid of retiring after the concussion that hit him in 2019 and kept him out of the picture for a long time and eventually even added: "Yes, I did, friend.

I did it. I will not lie to you. I have had a bad, bad commotion and have had several problems that have arisen from it. But, I also had to undergo physical therapy. I managed to get a great physical shape. I went to dietician Jerry Ward so I was able to get back in top shape as quickly as possible.

I was determined to achieve the best possible form. Not only under the cardio aspect, but also on a physical level, to fine-tune everything I wanted. I worked really, really hard to get back into the ring. I've never felt better.

I felt even better than when I debuted 10 years ago, just because I knew my body much better. I did a lot more dynamic stretching. Ask any guy in the locker room. I was standing there and doing all those weird pirouettes and crazy stretching.

All these dynamic movements and all that stuff there. Just to warm up and finally... since I got back, I haven't had any problems whatsoever. I literally feel better than when I debuted and this is insane."