John Cena would like Conor McGregor in WWE


John Cena would like Conor McGregor in WWE

In addition to racking up many records and successes throughout his career, John Cena has helped wrestling and WWE grow their relative popularity outside the US. The leader of the 'Cenation' has made his return to Money in the Bank, generating an incredible reaction from the WWE Universe.

From there began a feud with Roman Reigns for the Universal title, which ended with the victory of the 'Tribal Chief' at SummerSlam. The 16-time world champion will also take part in the September 10 episode of SmackDown at New York's Madison Square Garden, before returning to film.

During a long interview with Dan Patrick for 'That Scene', the Boston veteran said it would be great if UFC legend Conor McGregor agreed to come to WWE one day. In 2018 it was rumored that the Irishman could land in the Stamford-based company, but the parties were unable to find an agreement.

John Cena would like Conor McGregor in WWE

“It would be really cool to see Conor McGregor in WWE, fans would be thrilled. Surprises are useful to allow people to keep their passion alive” - explained John Cena, whose appearances in the ring have significantly reduced in recent years.

“We all would like Conor to perform in WWE, in my opinion, he has all the credentials to make a bang. He is not only a great UFC champion, but he is also a guy who has a magnetic personality and who would lead a lot of people to go to the arena.

Either cheer for him or cheer him on, like Mayweather and Ali. The only way to convince the fans to be passionate about what they are seeing is to abandon the fiction and create an alternative reality. To be a good WWE superstar, you need to have a sense of storytelling and entertainment.

If you are the first not to believe that that piece of the world is real, it will never work,” John analyzed. The WWE legend is busy with multiple Hollywood projects, apart from hosting the Wipeout show and other projects in film and television.

Cena has wrestled just thrice since 2019, with his last match coming at WrestleMania 36 against Bray Wyatt. John Cena is reassured to see that WWE has a "life" after him and is proud of leaving WWE in a better place than when he joined the company. The former WWE Champion stated a few years ago that he will never retire from WWE.

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