*Spoiler* Baron Corbin starts a new storyline


*Spoiler* Baron Corbin starts a new storyline

Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) w Paul Heyman Vs Finn Balor Reigns dominates the first part of the challenge and pulls out a half Rock Bottom! Despite the pain, Balor reacts, but THE COUPE DE GRACE IS WRONG!!! Although WWE teased "Broke" Baron Corbin becoming a babyface on SmackDown, that's the opposite of what has happened.

In reality, Corbin is simply a natural heel. Not the same broke man anymore, Baron Corbin seems to have officially changed to "Happy Corbin". He was a guest on Kevin Owens' show on SmackDown and the two had a verbal back-and-forth.

Baron Corbin is simply a natural heel

Logan Paul and Baron Corbin got to have the last laugh tonight. This looks to be the new direction on SmackDown for Corbin, and it's good to see Kevin Owens involved. Hopefully, the payoff will be Logan Paul getting his comeuppance once again as well as Happy Corbin getting humbled.

The Tribal Chief touches the victory after the SUPERMAN PUNCH and prepares the SPEAR ... BUT BALOR STOPS HIM !!! Roman makes up for it with the SAMOAN DROP ... BUT FINN HITS HIM WITH HIS MISSILE DROPKICK AND GOES ON THE THIRD ROPE ...

COUPE DE GRACE A SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... NOO !!! REIGNS SAVES !!! The Head Of The Table reacts well and ... GUILLOTINE CHOKE TO SIGN ... BALOR WANTS THE STRINGS ... BUT GIVES !!! ROMAN REIGNS REMAINS THE UNIVERSAL CHAMPION !!! On the images of Roman Reigns with the universal title, the curtain falls on the episode of SmackDown!

Roman Reigns received heavy backlash in the initial stage of his career. WWE pushed Reigns to the moon without caring about the reaction of the WWE Universe. This made life difficult for Reigns as he was constantly criticized for very action he took.

People even forgot the immense talent Reigns possessed. In a recent interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Finn Balor explained how people forgot Roman’s skills back in his early days. He also added that people have finally realized the potential of Roman in the last few years.

Finn Balor and Reigns locked horns in the latest edition of WWE SmackDown. The match was made official last week when Finn came out to challenge Roman for the title. Before the match, The Usos viciously attacked Balor at ringside, which gave Roman a tremendous advantage against the former Universal Champion.

However, even after the attack Balor suffered, The Prince was impressive throughout the match and stood toe to toe with Reigns.

Baron Corbin