Gary Wolfe Speaks About WWE Not Doing So Well

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Gary Wolfe Speaks About WWE Not Doing So Well

Gary Wolfe is a former ECW star. He was also known as Pitbull #1. He was recently on the Wrestling Inc. Daily where he spoke about the WWE not doing so well. The topic of Paul Heyman came up a few times during the interview. ECW stands for Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Along with WCW, ECW was the only wrestling promotion that hardcore wrestling fans had if they did not wish to watch WWE. ECW was known for its brutal style of wrestling and no disqualification matches. Anything could go in their matches.

They were eventually bought out by the WWE. “Honestly, he’s a genius when it comes to wrestling,” Wolfe said. “Look at how he does angles. Me and Shane Douglas’ angle was over a year and a half. Vince used to do that, and they stopped doing it.

I think that’s why they’re not doing so well at the moment. The angle is the hook and the anchor of your show”.

Gary Wolfe Speaks About Paul Heyman and WWE Not Performing As Well As They Used to

Wolfe shared what he saw after he watched a few WWE programs.

“FOX wants them to be more edgy, like ECW, more extreme, but they’re not doing it. All they’re doing is cursing a little bit here and there now, if you noticed,” Wolfe pointed out. “That’s really what they’re doing.

To them, they think that’s edgy, cursing. I was watching a match, and one of the guys got bled by accident, and he’s wiping it off. “The referees telling him, ‘Wipe the blood off. You can’t have blood on TV.’ I don’t understand what they’re doing.

The Attitude Era saved Wwf, and they wouldn’t have had the Attitude Era if it wasn’t for ECW because One Night Stand is when they saw this is the Attitude Era of wrestling right here”. He also took the time to explain how his first meeting with Paul Heyman felt like.

“It was pretty cool,” Gary Wolfe stated. “They told me to come in on a Friday, so I met him Friday. He says, ‘Saturday night, come to the arena. We’re gonna make you wrestle.’ I actually came back from Japan.

I had to get knee surgery. All I did was rehab and lift weights. By the time I went to ECW, I was freaking huge again, just blew right back up, and then every week, he would see me, and I’m getting bigger, and I’m getting bigger and I’m getting bigger”.

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