WWE still fires over 100 employees

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WWE still fires over 100 employees

Recently, we reported on our news board how WWE has now definitively closed the relations it had undertaken with some Japanese federations, to set up a new project with WWE Superstars in the Land of the Rising Sun, complete with the creation of a federation that had brought together various Eastern talents, united under the WWE roof or even the construction of a new all-Japanese Performance Center, just like its counterpart in Orlando, Florida, in the United States.

Due to the pandemic, several projects that had remained unsolved and that had never been completely born have been cut cleanly, like this one, canceled from the future of the company and unfortunately with them, also several athletes, different employees have been sacked, as the now-superfluous characters of the federation.

WWE fires 100 more employees

Thanks to the well-known Yahoo News Japan site, we learn after a day, of how WWE has made new and umpteenth releases due to the cancellation of these projects in the country by the McMahons.

As we read in the last article on the subject, from the well-known Japanese site, in fact: "It is revealed that WWE Japan GK (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) which was the subsidiary of the American pro-wrestling company WWE has dissolved.

The official government bulletin in the second announcement of the dissolution of the company confirmed that all employees accepted the conditions at the first request. Since the spring, more than 100 employees and insiders have been released by WWE due to management problems due to the covid pandemic, but according to the US media, all of this was part of some organizational changes that are in the new trend.

I'm telling you. The company ran WWE Japan's shows, which took place once or twice a year, but were canceled last year due to the covid-19 disaster." This closes another chapter in Japan for WWE, which obviously didn't give the desired results either for the company or for the fans.

Prior to becoming the ‘Phenom’, Taker had a fairly unsuccessful career in WCW where he was told by booker Ole Anderson that he’d never get over. Taker’s WCW run is quite well known today but fans may be unfamiliar with The Undertaker’s solitary run in New Japan Pro Wrestling which only lasted one three-week-long tour in March 1990.

The Undertaker, under the moniker ‘Punisher’ Dice Morgan, teamed with the likes of Bam Bam Bigelow and even had an IWGP Tag-Team Championship shot while teaming up with Scott Hall.