Vince Russo slams WWE once again

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Vince Russo slams WWE once again

WWE extended the length of Monday Night Raw to three hours in 2012, an economically useful move but one that made many fans and insiders turn up their noses. During the last episode of 'Writing with Russo', which airs every week on Sportskeeda, the former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo analyzed at length the decision of the Stamford company to change the format of the red show.

In his view, the Stamford-based federation has compromised the quality of its product in order to add an hour and increase its revenue. WWE has also had to face the harsh consequences of the pandemic, which has damaged all sectors enormously in the last year and a half.

More than 50 superstars have been released, including big names like Braun Strowman, Mickie James, Aleister Black, Andrade, and Bray Wyatt.

Vince Russo has insisted that he will never return to the company

“I remember very well that in 1999 Ed Ferrara and I left for a reason like that.

At that historic moment, the Raw episodes ran for two hours and WWE was planning to bring Smackdown on the same wavelength. Ferrara and I knew that that choice would compromise the integrity of the product, we were 100% convinced" - said Vince Russo.

“When WWE management opted to have the Raw shows run for three hours, they were aware that the quality of the show would drop significantly. At the same time, he would receive more income from the USA Network. The way I see it, WWE didn't need to fall that low, it was certainly not a company on the brink.

If I had been into Vince Mcmahon, I would never have compromised my product for a few extra bucks. I want to clarify that it is not impossible to set up a great three-hour show, but a considerable amount of work is required.

They are not willing to squeeze so much and the results are there for all to see,” he added. Speaking to Dr. Chris Featherstone on SK Wrestling’s Off the SKript, Vince Russo said Vince McMahon’s right-hand men have to match his work ethic.

At the age of 60, Russo has no plans to work at such an intense level in the last years of his life. “Bro, that’s the only way you can work there. That’s why people, again, to this day, it’s like, ‘Oh, you should hire Russo,’ or they tell me, ‘You’re bitter because you’re not working there.’ Bro, I just turned 60.

I could never at this point of my life. I’m gonna hand my last years over? Never in a million years”.

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