WWE superstars forced to eat food in arenas

Vince McMahon has built an empire with WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE superstars forced to eat food in arenas

The Stamford-based company, from 2020 to today, has really made a lot of layoffs in all sectors involved, from superstars, to writers, to creatives, also passing through cameramen and assistants. We also told you recently that 100 employees have been laid off following the breakdown of relations between WWE and some Japanese federations, news reported by Yahoo News Japan.

Unfortunately, however, it is now clear to everyone that the wave of layoffs has not ended here, because practically every week someone is released from the McMahon-owned company, upsetting the internal situation.

WWE has really made a lot of layoffs in all sectors

According to reports from the well-known wrestling news site, Ringside News, WWE would have fired its catering service with the usual excuse of cutting the budget, which many considered truly terrible.

The site was told that now athletes, instead of eating a healthy and balanced diet as all sportsmen should do to maintain their physical fitness and a high state of health, are forced to eat the food in the arenas which is mainly composed from pizza, burgers and nachos, not exactly healthy foods.

DEGA Catering, this is the name of the collaborators who took care of offering what we can define a canteen service to the wrestlers of the company, had been collaborating with the WWE for a very long time, but unfortunately this did not save them from staff cuts.

Ringside News also let us know that: "A tenured member of the backstage crew also told us that the new catering will arrive in November, but it will be 'cheaper.' " What is certain is that understanding the direction WWE is taking with these bounties is increasingly complicated.

Last year, Vince McMahon appointed two WWE Executive Directors, one each on RAW and SmackDown. Each Executive Director was the person supposed to be in charge of the creative department of each show. This was done as it was expected that Vince McMahon would be taking a step back with the XFL debuting.

Paul Heyman became the Executive Director of WWE RAW and Eric Bischoff was the one for WWE SmackDown. Unfortunately, this would not last. Only a few weeks into being in charge of WWE SmackDown reports emerged that Vince McMahon was very unhappy with Eric Bischoff, and then he was released from his role, with Bruce Prichard taking up the mantle instead.

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