John Cena Speaks About Conor McGregor in WWE

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John Cena Speaks About Conor McGregor in WWE

John Cena recently competed in the WWE SummerSlam PPV event, and he spoke about Conor McGregor in WWE. John Cena was at one time the Face of WWE. He left the WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood and hasn’t made regular WWE appearances.

However, John Cena is still a top draw even though he isn’t as popular or respected that he once was in WWE. Conor McGregor is a legendary UFC fighter. He is 30+ now and he does not have a lot of MMA fights left in his career.

Many people predict that Conor will join WWE after he retires from MMA properly. Conor has so far shown no interest in joining the world of professional wrestling as he thinks it is fake fighting. John Cena believes that Conor McGregor will be a great fit in WWE if he ever decides to join it.

John Cena Speaks About Conor McGregor Possibly Joining the WWE

“He’d be fantastic,” Cena said. “He is what we do. What he does is a little less predictable. Our surprises are getting people to show up at random, and trying to weave the choose-your-own-adventure to a different alley.

His surprises are getting a few teeth knocked out or getting an operation. Not to say that doesn’t happen with us, mistakes happen with us. But in his profession, it's not a mistake. It’s a certainty”. John Cena then commented on professional wrestling being extremely stressful.

According to John, sports entertainment is more stressful than old regular sports. “I think it’s probably a little bit more stressful,” John Cena said. “If they don’t care about you when you run out of the tunnel, they will care about you when you win.

That’s sometimes different in WWE. If they don’t care about you when you run out of the tunnel, they may not care about you when you win. It’s more of like the nervous energy maybe a musician would have, to see, like, ‘man, I hope they know the material, or they’re happy to see me, or they want to be entertained by the set that I have.’ It’s athletically based, it’s like a combination of all of it.

There’s no wrong. If something happens, the beauty of that medium is it’s now what happens. That’s now what’s going on. The greatest and most unforgettable moments, a lot of the biggest oohs and ahhs, have come from stuff that wasn’t necessarily scripted or what was supposed to happen.

I’ve been in matches where people got married in the stands, and I was able to incorporate their engagement like it was seamless, like it was almost staged. Crowds in the UK using beach balls? Instead of being apprehensive to like, ‘Why are they doing this?’, you understand that our audience knows they’re stars of the show”.

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