Is Gable Steveson's arrival in WWE official?

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Is Gable Steveson's arrival in WWE official?

Yesterday, the athlete Gable Steveson, gold medalist in the fight at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics, who also appeared in the Summerslam ring to be celebrated together with colleague Tamara Mensah-Stock, teased WWE fans. In fact, the boy entered his Twitter account by writing: "I just put the pen on paper", making everyone understand that he has signed a contract, but with whom? Because in addition to the WWE, the UFC and also the NFL, a completely different field from him, were interested.

Latest update on Gable Steveson

Gable Steveson made a brief in-ring appearance earlier in the show at SummerSlam to celebrate his Olympic triumph. Having trained with Lesnar and admired Reigns from afar, he is curious to see what happens next in the storyline.

“It’s always cool seeing Roman Reigns go out there,” Steveson said. “I watch Roman really, really close. Roman is once-in-a-lifetime too, just the way that he talks, his look, everything about him is really, really good, and having Paul Heyman back him.

And so now we got Lesnar came back, Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns. We’ve seen this before but now Roman has the belt, I wonder what Brock will do”. According to the well-known Wrestling Observer journalist Dave Meltzer, Gable Steveson has signed the agreement with WWE.

However, it is not yet known when he will start fighting or what are the agreements with the team from the University of Minnesota. The boy had also talked about a possible collaboration with manager Paul Heyman to the microphones of journalist Jim Varsallone, saying: "Sooner or later it could happen, but we'll let Brock and Roman deal with the matter and then we'll see what happens." Another person who was in WWE's sights after the Tokyo Olympics is the aforementioned Tamara Mensah-Stock.

Apparently, the wrestler would be a huge WWE fan for years and in addition to winning the Olympic medal, she is also the reigning world champion of the same discipline and number one in the women's world rankings. During an interview with the microphones of NBCUniversal, Mensah-Stock said that he would participate with great pleasure in WWE activities, with the same company as Stamford who would have appreciated it, so much so that he would post the excerpt of the girl's interview on his official profile, suggesting that in the not too distant future he could step into the McMahon ring.

Whatever the case may be for these two extraordinary athletes, we wish them all the best for the future, hoping that the Olympics were just the beginning of a career that looks truly magical for them.

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