Vince McMahon missed SmackDown

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Vince McMahon missed SmackDown

Vince Mcmahon, as universally known, is very deeply connected to his main creation: WWE. Enough to often touch the mania of control. The Chairman of the Stamford company usually (if not practically always) is backstage on WWE TV shows, particularly those on the main roster.

It is his personal way of making sure that the machine works at its best. But even when he needs to miss a show, modern technology helps him maintain that control. Like this last Friday night. Popular US site 'Ringside News' has indeed learned and reported that Vince McMahon was absent from SmackDown this week.

Nonetheless, he spent "all day on the phone in order to keep everything under control". The show then developed as the WWE big boss had ordered, even in his absence.

Vince McMahon missed SmackDown

However, the same site added that it had received no information as to why Vince McMahon missed the latest episode of SmackDown.

The fact is that on Friday, the arena where the show was held (namely the Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida) was not there at all. That said, the Chairman remained in constant contact with all of his employees.

A circumstance, however, which almost certainly will not be repeated next Friday. WWE has in fact planned a lot of the episode of SmackDown which will be staged from Madison Square Garden next week. Brock Lesnar is in fact about to return to the blue show ring, and in WWE they are already massively promoting a SummerSlam rematch, with Seth Rollins returning to face Edge.

It will be a great show, coinciding with the return of the WWE will return to the most famous arena in the world. Now all that remains is to find out if Vince McMahon's absence will continue on Raw next week. The fact remains that Friday was not at SmackDown, which in all likelihood will not be repeated in New York.

At the end of the day, Russo felt that McMahon is a wrestling promoter, and people should clearly understand the veteran's approach towards the business. "Bro, you've got to understand. During that time, okay, like Vince. He was either younger than some of the talent or at least the same age.

And bro, like, when you're the same age as the guy, looks at Nailz. You're going to fight the guy? I'm going to fight you, bro! You are the same age. Bro, now it's like he is a wise old grandpa, and he's got these 20-year-old kids that when he walks in a room, they pee their pants. It's like, come on! I say this all the time, Chris."

Vince Mcmahon Smackdown