Vince Russo pays tribute to Daffney

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Vince Russo pays tribute to Daffney

The entire pro-wrestling world was shocked by the announcement of the passing of Daffney Unger. She made herself known in 1999 during a contest organized by the WCW to recruit new talents. She had reached the peak of her popularity by working with Crowbar and David Flair.

The news of her death was 'SHIMMER Wrestling', which posted an announcement on Twitter on September 1st. “We are very sad to report the passing of Shannon Spruill - aka Daffney Unger. We publish this announcement at the request of her family.

Please respect their privacy at this very difficult time”. During the latest edition of 'Writing with Russo', the show that airs every week on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo paid tribute to his dear friend.

He and Daffney had known each other for 22 years and had talked for the last time a few months before her tragic death.

Vince Russo on Daffney

Daffney rose to fame as the deranged, besotted girlfriend of David Flair in WCW and became known for her piercing screams when accompanying the star to ringside.

The former WCW Star later made her way over to IMPACT Wrestling, where she was part of a storyline with The Beautiful People before aligning herself with Dr. Steve. She departed IMPACT Wrestling in 2011 and went on to file a workers' compensation claim against TNA for injuries that she suffered whilst working for the promotion.

The claim was settled out of court in 2013. “Hers was a difficult life and he didn't get the help she deserved. She had to go to numerous lawsuits, as TNA never wanted to pay her medical bills. A lot of legal quibbles prevented her from getting better care.

Her desire was to tell her story in a podcast. She wanted her experience of hers to help others. I replied that I would do everything possible to help her, so I asked her to send me a draft of the show and then discuss it together.

She was very excited the last time we spoke, in fact, she burst into tears and I knew she was not well at all. These facts date back to about 6-8 months ago. She was one of the people I stayed in contact with most after I stepped away from wrestling.

We had known each other for 22 years. I met Daffney for the first time in 1999, but it seems like she was yesterday” - said Vince Russo, dropping a few tears.

Vince Russo