WWE have filed a new trademark for Riddle

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WWE have filed a new trademark for Riddle

On August 31, WWE filed the "BroDown" trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. However, the news has only emerged in the last few hours. The term, as it is easy to guess, is related to Matt Riddle.

However, it remains to be determined whether it concerns Riddle & Randy Orton, the current WWE Raw tag team champions. The purpose is for "entertainment services, ie wrestling performances and shows by a professional wrestler."

Below is the complete description of the new WWE registered trademark: "IC 041. US 100 101 107. G&S: Entertainment services, namely wrestling performances and shows of professional wrestlers and entertainers rendered and via broadcast media, including television and radio, and via the Internet or commercial online services; provision of wrestling news and information via a global computer network; sports and entertainment information via an online community portal; providing a website relating to sports entertainment information; fan club services, namely the organization of wrestling sporting events for wrestling fan club members; organization of social entertainment events for wrestling fan club members; providing online newsletters relating to sports entertainment; online magazines, or blog, in the sports entertainment sector."

Riddle is currently the RAW tag-team champion

While Riddle is the RAW tag-team champion, he does have some backstage heat for a recent interview of his. The former NXT star took shots at Roman Reigns while speaking with Bleacher Report, and WWE are not happy with it.

Riddle claimed he could take Roman Reigns in a real fight, and the WWE Universal Champion would not move a needle. The latest status of the "BroDown" trademark application, as gathered from a 'USPTO' report, is active and pending and will be assigned to an examining attorney approximately six months after the filing date.

That is, in February 2022. Riddle's couple with Randy Orton currently appear to be in excellent health. The same Apex Predator has recently confessed to much appreciation of the partner, who even initially very little convinced him.

"I have a lot of respect for both him and all his attitudes, although at first I wasn't really a big fan of his behavior. Now he's almost captivating. He's a guy who learns really fast and maybe that's what prompted me to think.

that it would be good to give this team a chance. So we did it and I have to say it was fun, so much fun, "said The Viper. Reports suggest the backstage heat for Riddle is real, but it is nothing new for the WWE star. He has been in a similar situation before because of his comments on Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.