Randy Orton opens up on his real-life friendship with Riddle

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Randy Orton opens up on his real-life friendship with Riddle

After beating Aj Styles and Omos in SummerSlam, Randy Orton and Riddle became Raw couple champions, crowning a really important climb that has seen them go over like few in recent times. WWE also noticed their progress and gave the duo a documentary on their YouTube channel that traces the best moments from the formation of the team onwards.

Speaking "out of character", Randy Orton expressed how working with Riddle also allowed him to discover positive character sides of the 'King Of Bros', which initially did not convince him much.

Randy Orton comments on Riddle

Riddle had also talked about the relationship with Randy Orton in recent days, noting how the alchemy present in the ring can also be found in real life.

Apparently, for Randy Orton too. The Legend Killer released the following words: "Once I was with him for a while, I liked him as a boy, he seemed good. We have so many things in common, more than I thought I had with him. I have a lot of respect for both him and all of his attitudes, even though at first I wasn't really a big fan of his behavior.

Now it is almost captivating. He's a guy who learns really fast and maybe that's what made me think it would be good to give this team a chance. So we did it and I have to say it was fun, so much fun." It is not the first time that Riddle's behaviors have been examined by other wrestlers, but not all of them have always been satisfied to hear the words and attend the behaviors of the current couple champion.

Over the years, some of Riddle's tweets have also been discussed a lot, such as the one that presented some not very sweet words towards Goldberg, considered "not safe" and "dangerous" inside the ring, after injuring Undertaker in that of WWE Super ShowDown.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta, Riddle commented on the contrasting characters that he and Randy Orton portray on WWE television. He also confirmed that they get along well in real life. “On camera, we are completely opposite people, you know, because he’s very serious,” Riddle said.

“He lights people on fire, I ride a scooter and kick my flip flops off. We’re two different people on camera but off-camera in the locker room we really connect, we’re cool, we get it”. Randy Orton made his WWE return on this week’s episode of Raw after being absent for several weeks.

He initially refused to reunite with Riddle before agreeing to face RAW Tag Team Champion AJ Styles (w/Omos) in the main event.

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