*Spoiler* Xavier Woods gives an incredible show

This week’s WWE RAW kickstarted with an epic Tag Team Turmoil Match

by Simone Brugnoli
*Spoiler* Xavier Woods gives an incredible show

A lot of 'meat on the fire' with a titled match and others who will plan Extreme Rules, next Pay Per View scheduled for next September 26th. Enter Tonight there will be a Tag Team Turmoil with several pairs competing in order to go for the title against RK-Bro.

And it is Randy Orton and Matt Riddle who open the show! Orton says Bobby Lashley and MVP failed last week because the champion is a greedy son of a bitch, now there will be seven teams on Raw to compete and they will watch.

Riddle analyzes potential challengers and starts with a series of nonsense, Orton looks fed up but basically smiles. Enter Bobby Lashley and MVP and immediately tell Riddle to shut his mouth. The All Mighty states that with the RKO from behind Orton was a coward and that he wants to challenge him one vs one, Orton seems interested and accepts but says he only accepts with the WWE Championship, it is decreed (MVP announces) that the two will compete for the title to EXTREME RULES !!!

MVP concludes by stating that they too want to participate in the Turmoil to decree the challengers to the couple title and will immediately go to talk with Adam Pearce. This week’s WWE RAW kickstarted with an epic Tag Team Turmoil Match to determine the No.

1 contenders for RK-Bro’s tag team titles. As expected, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods kickstarted the match and were beyond incredible with their performances tonight. While it was great to see Kingston back inside the ring, it was Woods who deserved every accolade for his resilient performance tonight.

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods faced T-Bar and Mace

The battle begins NEW DAY VS VIKING RAIDERS Kofi Kingston starts well with a series of kicks, Ivar responds with a Banzai Drop and gives the Tag to Erik, the Viking seem in control but Xavier Woods enters who hits with Enzuigiri to the vikingk, DDT tornado and tags to Kofi Kingston who comes close to closing.

After the ad the New Day seems to be ahead, but the Vikings react with a Hart Attack, Xavier Woods' roll up on Erik out of nowhere and a New Day victory. The Viking Raiders are the first to be eliminated. NEW DAY VS JINDER MAHAL AND VEER Immediately Dropkick of Jinder and Woods reacts, Veer enters who hits him and sends Xavier to the floor.

After the publicity Veer is in control over Xavier Woods, tag for Kofi who unleashed with Backbreaker and opponent back. New Day still ahead!

Xavier Woods Raw Tag Team