*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair agreed to give Alexa Bliss a shot at her title

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*Spoiler* Charlotte Flair agreed to give Alexa Bliss a shot at her title

NATALYA AND TAMINA VS NIKKI ASH AND Rhea Ripley Nikki and Tamina leave, immediately the 'Snuka' takes control and blocks the opponent, Nikki dodges a Banzai Drop and gives the Tag to Rhea who first hits Tamina and then Natalya, knocking her out in the corner.

Lariat and Rhea's header to the opponent, Dropkick and outstretched arm, short and quick tag with Rhea who takes it back (without anyone noticing) and takes advantage of the opportunity to win a with a Riptide on Natalya.

Meanwhile, Karrion Kross is a guest on Moist Tv with John Morrison. Karrion thanks but says he's only there to see Morrison suffer by making people's dreams come true, he wants to eliminate him! On Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair put her WWE RAW Women's Championship on the line against Nia Jax.

They delivered a good match with countless underlying subtleties hinting at the future of the women's division on the Red brand. Jax looked like a credible challenger and forced The Queen to bring out her A-game on the show.

Alexa Bliss appeared alongside Lilly after the match and asked Charlotte Flair to visit them in the playground, but the champion refused. Bliss was determined to continue their conversation. She made a surprise appearance inside the ring and pointed to the WWE RAW Women's Championship, clarifying her intentions.

Charlotte Flair agreed to give Alexa Bliss a shot at her title

JOHN MORRISON VS KARRION KROSS The former NXT Champion dominates from the beginning, John sticks to the ropes to free himself but the match is one-way and after a short time applies the KrossJacket forcing the opponent to give up.

Backstage Nia Jax appears confident and states that Charlotte is afraid of being beaten. CHARLOTTE FLAIR VS NIA JAX (Valid for the female title of Raw) Shayna Baszler speaks to the microphone before the match and immediately triggers a fight, Charlotte hits Shayna but enters dragged by Nia into the ring, immediately German Suplex, and various chop with which she blocks Nia , then count of two, Charlotte immediately tries the Figure Four unsuccessfully and back Nia struggles, several times Shayna interferes but it is not enough and Charlotte wins thanks to her final avalanche move.

At the end of the match Alexa Bliss intervenes who, together with Lily, invites Charlotte to her Playground, Charlotte refuses her and asks her what she wants, Alexa indicates her title. Charlotte accepts and tells her that the Playground is not Alexa's but hers.

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