*Spoiler* Karrion Kross squashed the veteran John Morrison

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*Spoiler* Karrion Kross squashed the veteran John Morrison

AKIRA TOZAWA VS REGGIE (WWE 24/7 CHAMPIONSHIP) Akira takes off like a rocket, but Reggie's Dropkick immediately closes the match with a couple of quick moves. At the end of the match Cedric Alexander, R-Truth and Humberto Carrillo, as well as Drake Maverick, all without success.

In the meantime, Doudrop insults Eva Marie backstage and announces that next week the two will compete on Raw. He resumes from the previously suspended match and we return to the ring for the challenge between New Day and Mansoor with Ali NEW DAY VS MANSOOR & ALI Mansoor and Kofi start with the latter starting well, but with Ali helping his partner to take advantage, quick tags and in the ring, there are Mansoor and Woods, but Ali orders to give him the change, tries the final move but misses it, meanwhile Trouble in Paradise and Flying Elbowdrop and Xavier Woods back Ali.

Despite the weird Moist TV segment that happened on Raw, the outcome wasn't bad. For starters, RAW newcomer Karrion Kross was interviewed on Moist TV, where John Morrison's music was playing in the background while he was talking, for some odd reason.

Karrion Kross stated his intent to destroy John Morrison, who thought that he was joking.

Karrion Kross stated his intent to destroy Morrison

He asked Karrion Kross whether he was going for the US title, the WWE title, or something else, and Kross said he would do all of it - but not before destroying John Morrison.

NEW DAY VS Aj Styles & OMOS Kofi looks tired and AJ hits him in the back, backbreaker and series of fast tags with Xavier looking like the one most in the day, new tag for Kofi who is asphalted by Omos, new tag for AJ Styles who wins thanks to Styles Clash.

We have reached the last match, the champion arrives together with MVP. Here is the Main Event AJ STYLES AND OMOS VS HURT BUSINESS (Bobby Lashley and MVP) AJ and MVP begin who immediately gives the Tag to Lashley who immediately takes control, sending the opponent to the air, tag for Omos and a physical clash between the two giants, Lashley succeeds to overwhelm him thanks to the shoulders.

Omos responds with a Gourdbuster while at ringside Randy Orton makes the WWE Champion nervous, Omos hits Riddle while AJ knocks out with an Enzuigiri MVP, AJ tries but the champion surprises him with a Spear and closes the match with a win!

At Extreme Rules, we will have Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley for the title and the two are flanked by Riddle and MVP for the couple title. Omos hits Bobby Lashley at the end of the match and knocks him down. As soon as Randy Orton's RKO on Bobby Lashley gets up and ends the episode of Monday Night Raw!

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