Vince Russo has an interesting opinion on Charlotte Flair

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Vince Russo has an interesting opinion on Charlotte Flair

Last week, Nia Jax defeated Raw champion, Charlotte Flair, in what has been described as the worst match of all of 2021. The contest soon turned into a bar fight and it became difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction in some moments.

Both superstars traded hard blows in a 14-minute battle, prompting many experts to wonder if their intention was to injure each other. In the course of a long conversation on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo put forward an interesting hypothesis about the match in question.

Charlotte was in serious danger of getting hurt by falling abruptly on her head, an accident that could have jeopardized her career.

Vince Russo reflects on Charlotte Flair

"I had a very strange feeling throughout the match, I don't know if I mean it" - began Vince Russo.

“It felt like Charlotte Flair didn't trust Nia. This is exactly what professional wrestling is based on, you have to trust the opponent you work with. The business of wrestling is all about putting your body in the hands of your rival, which is why you need extreme mutual trust.

If you do not trust your opponent and somewhere in your mind there is the thought that your colleague is trying to harm you, it means that there is a big underlying problem," he added. The challenge between Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax has garnered much more criticism than praise.

"I cannot deny that I had the impression that it was a sort of reckoning. It was as if the two girls were trying to carry out mutual revenge. You hurt me, I try to hurt you even more. That was the logic behind the match,” commented Vince Russo.

WWE has had to release a large number of superstars in recent months in an effort to better manage the crisis caused by the global pandemic. Famous names like Braun Strowman, Mickie James, Aleister Black and Bray Wyatt were forced to pack.

In a relatively short career, Charlotte Flair has already established herself as one of the greatest female WWE Superstars of all time. Last month at WWE SummerSlam, she defeated Rhea Ripley and Nikki A.S.H. to win the RAW Women's Championship, her 12th world title reign in WWE.

The Queen is one of the top contenders to break the record held by her father, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair. Charlotte Flair has now held a title in WWE for a combined 1,000 days. Ahead of The Queen is former RAW Women's Champion Asuka, who has been a champion for 1151 days.