Mick Foley takes a shot at WWE

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Mick Foley takes a shot at WWE

This Sunday the AEW unsheathed all the tricks up its sleeve by presenting a highly acclaimed show as All Out and enriching the roster with some well-known faces in the world wrestling scene, such as Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson.

All after the sensational arrival of CM Punk a few weeks ago. With All Elite Wrestling on the rise and WWE poised to focus on a less "independent" type of wrestling (see the case of the NXT rebranding), the face of wrestling is undeniably changing.

To admit it was also a legend of this discipline, who did not hold back in making some criticisms of the WWE, the federation for which he worked for years. We're talking about Hardcore Legend Mick Foley, who posted a video titled "WWE - WE'VE GOT A PROBLEM" to talk about this situation after the AEW signings of Bryan Danielson, Ruby Soho and Adam Cole.

"WWE is no longer the place any athlete aspires to go. Part of this is because AEW is doing a great job of recruiting new talents, young and capable, in building their characters and storylines, but it's also the fault of what WWE itself does.

I believe that emerging talents see the way in which the youngest are left aside or, as in the case of Karrion Kross, also distorted and teased at the moment of their debut on the main roster. If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Mick Foley slams WWE

Mick Foley then continued: "If I were an emerging talent with an important decision to make regarding my future, I don't know if I would believe the WWE creative team and their ability to make appropriate decisions for my career.

They sparked with me years ago, but they were different times, it was a different place. If I were in my prime now, I don't know if I would trust them. And until all that changes, WWE, we have a problem." WWE NXT Superstar Saurav Gurjar has been away from television for quite some time now.

Gurjar was initially paired with Veer to form The Indus Sher. However, Veer was moved to the main roster earlier this year to partner with Jinder Mahal while Gurjar was held back. Gurjar is best known in India for his role as Bheem in the TV show Mahabharat.

The WWE Superstar is also a National Kickboxing Gold Medalist in his home country. He is now ready to star alongside some of the biggest names in Bollywood in a movie titled Brahmastra set for release in India in late 2021.