Kevin Owens reveals an important clue to his future

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Kevin Owens reveals an important clue to his future

Not an easy time for WWE fans. In recent weeks, the world's leading wrestling company, led by Vince McMahon, has received 'heavy media slaps' from All Elite Wrestling. First, after years of absence from wrestling, CM Punk made his comeback amid general joy and in the last few days, wrestlers of the caliber of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, known in WWE as Daniel Bryan, have made a comeback.

In the last few hours, light has been shed on the contractual situation of another major WWE star, Friday Night Smackdown star Kevin Owens. In 2018 KO signed a five-year contract with WWE, but later, shortly before the pandemic, Vince McMahon changed the contractual conditions of that contract and it was revealed that the Owens contract will expire next January, therefore already in 2022.

Backstage News on Kevin Owens

So there are just a few months before Kevin Owens' contract expires and a social clue has arrived that has unleashed all the fans of the WWE Universe. Yesterday KO tweeted and then immediately deleted the coordinates of Mt.

Rushmore, which was also the name of the group he had with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole on PWG, a sign that fans have interpreted as his possible arrival in AEW. Owens later deleted that tweet and posted the message 'Almost there' at the top of his account, a cryptic message impossible to define.

Fans are speculating on these words but no one will be able to unravel the mystery until the strong wrestler's contract actually expires. In recent days, wrestling legend Mick Foley has been releasing words that 'sound bad' for the Stanford company: "WWE is no longer the place any athlete aspires to go, AEW is doing a great job of recruiting new talent.

to build their characters and storylines, but it is also the fault of WWE itself." Kevin Owens celebrated five years in WWE last month and posted an emotional video on Twitter. The Prizefighter compared his time in the company to a rollercoaster ride but feels he has had a great career so far.

"Hey, guys. My wife reminded me this morning that five years ago today, something pretty cool happened, and then I got on Twitter, and I saw that a lot of people are reminding me of what happened there as well." Owens continued, "A lot of people remember it very well.

And, man, the last five years have been a roller coaster. You know, lots of highs, lots of lows, lots of ups and downs, you get it though, the roller coaster it goes like this -- you get it, right? And the highs are great, but the lows, sometimes they're really hard to take for somebody who cares a lot. And who's very passionate about this, like I am."