New details on Sami Zayn's WWE future

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New details on Sami Zayn's WWE future

There are more and more confirmations regarding the future of WWE superstar Kevin Owens. The wrestler, currently on the Friday Night SmackDown roster, tweeted in recent days (and then deleted) the coordinates of Mt. Rushmore, the name of the group he had with Adam Cole and the Young Bucks in PWG, a strong signal according to WWE Universe regarding his possible arrival in AEW.

The news regarding the contractual details of KO worried fans: in fact, the wrestler's contract was modified some time ago by Vince McMahon and will no longer expire in 2023 as initially planned, but well before and in January 2022.

There are a few months left and the future of the wrestler apparently seems marked as it seems clear from his 'We're almost there' posted on social networks recently. Sami Zayn has revealed who his last 'dream opponent' in WWE would be against when he appeared on WWE's The Bump this week.

Over the course of his Living The Gimmick podcast Jon Alba gave further updates on the wrestler's future.

The latest news on Sami Zayn

Here are his words: "Speaking with some internal sources of the WWE, in the federation, there is a clear conviction that Owens will leave as soon as his contract with the Stanford-based company ends.

Also through social networks he has left several clues that his future could soon be in All Elite Wrestling. Just to be clear, it is true that I have discussed with several WWE sources and the thought is this, but it is also true that there is still a long time to the expiration of his contract and maybe things can change.

I really believe that he will be an important resource wherever he goes." With the farewell of Kevin Owens, which seems imminent, the world of the WWE Universe immediately questioned the future of the other WWE superstar Sami Zayn: the wrestler's contract's expiring in Autumn and he has spoken several times on the AEW social networks.

The details are not known yet, but after CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Adam Cole it seems obvious that Tony Khan can again bet on some of the most interesting stars of Vince McMahon's company. Sami said that he was not ready when he got caught by Mysterio.

Sami Zayn pushed for a longer match against Mysterio, stating that perhaps a one-on-one encounter with Rey Mysterio was the only dream match left for him on SmackDown.