Roman Reigns' fans are furious for a reason

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Roman Reigns' fans are furious for a reason

Today the list of the PWI 500 annual report with the 500 most important wrestlers on the planet was announced. In a way, surprisingly enough, All Elite Wrestling athlete Kenny Omega won. For the wrestler, it is the second time that he has obtained this recognition in his career, after the first in 2018.

The Top 10 includes wrestlers from all the federations in the world and also features some of the WWE protagonists. Here is the world's Top 10: Kenny Omega, Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, Kota Ibushi, Jon Moxley, Will Ospreay, Finn Balor, Shingo Takagi, and Rich Swann.

There are several athletes from Vince McMahon's company, in particular on the podium and in fourth place with Reigns, WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre to compete for the palm of best not only in this award but also for the main wrestling company in the world.

Roman Reigns completed an entire year as the Universal Champion

Following the official award of PWI 500 on social media, a real protest was born from Roman Reigns fans. In their view, it must have been clear that even in this award the power of the Tribal Chief in the world of wrestling had to be recognized.

As in any self-respecting survey, there were those who agreed and those who did not appreciate these results. A fan on social media said: "I don't care what PWI says and what he thinks, it's all subjective and for me, Roman Reigns is the absolute number one in the world of wrestling" Another said, "Roman Reigns is the best thing possible for this business, he's number one in sports entertainment and not just WWE.

Who cares about PWI?" Roman Reigns' year was indeed spectacular with the wrestler who dominated WWE by taking down anyone who stood in his way. Everyone remembers his victories, recent and not, and the wrestler beat none other than Chain's Gang leader John Cena in the latest WWE Pay Per View.

Many fans are not happy with Roman Reigns not getting the top spot on the PWI 500 list. After having such a dominating year, Reigns not being at the top does come as a bit of a surprise. However, nothing should be taken away from Kenny Omega, who has been absolutely brilliant after having a relatively quiet last year where he was ranked #13.

But the Tribal Cheif's fans want PWI to acknowledge him. Roman Reigns recently completed an entire year as the Universal Champion in WWE, only the second star after Brock Lesnar to achieve that feat. It's safe to say that he narrowly missed out on the top spot against Kenny Omega.