The New Day pays tribute to Kevin Nash

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The New Day pays tribute to Kevin Nash

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, representing The New Day, showed up with a very special ring gear in the episode of Raw that aired this Monday night. The two have in fact decided to pay tribute to members of the WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash & Scott Hall when they played the role of the Outsiders.

As seen in the photo below, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods wore wrestling combat suits very similar to what Kevin Nash & Scott Hall sported at WCW Bash of the Beach in the 1996 edition. This did not escape Kevin Nash, who decided to personally write to the two of the New Day thanking them on Twitter (even if in reality he only tagged Kofi Kingston).

"Kofi Kingston, thank you so much for the love you showed me tonight. It was great to see that battle outfit back in action. I always wondered what it would be like," said the post.

The New Day praises Kevin Nash

The New Day is recognized as one of the best tag teams in WWE history, but the trio could have gone by an entirely different name if WWE had stuck to its original plans.

Former WWE star Chris Jericho has revealed that WWE originally planned to call the group Fresh Coat of Paint. On his Talk is Jericho podcast, Chris Jericho spoke to former WWE tag team Ever-Rise, who revealed the origins of their group name.

Ever-Rise disclosed that their name was created by an NXT writer just a few hours before they were to debut on WWE TV. Kofi Kingston, for his part, has published some interventions on Twitter from the dispute over the episode of Raw but has not yet responded specifically to Kevin Nash's tweet.

It is not the first time that the members of the New Day pay homage to the history of wrestling (WWE and beyond) with the colorful clothing that accompanies their entry into the ring and their matches. As you have been able to read on these pages, the current WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley, and MVP have become with their Hurt Business the First Contender to the Raw couple titles by winning an eternal Tag Team Turmoil Match in the episode of the red show aired this Monday night.

Based on that result, current champions Randy Orton & Riddle will defend their titles against Bobby Lashley & MVP during the episode of Raw which airs next Monday from Boston's TD Garden.