Kayla Braxton has some problems on social media

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Kayla Braxton has some problems on social media

Kayla Braxton is a public figure who has acquired millions of fans over the years thanks to WWE. The host and commentator of Vince McMahon's company program 'The Bump' has revealed that she does not like receiving gifts at home, suggesting that she has received something (she has not understood whether she is unwelcome or not) in her home.

Kayla said she sees this as an invasion of her own privacy. Here is her post on her social media: "I just give you a piece of advice guys, as much as I love and appreciate your support, I will never appreciate you sending gifts to my home address.

For us, in my home, our privacy is very important and I want you to respect it, please." Kayla Braxton is one of the leading hosts of WWE and is very popular on the social world, but it is not the first time she stays at taken in situations of this kind.

In fact, Kayla has already experienced difficult situations with fans in the past and she absolutely wants to avoid this happening again.

Kayla Braxton is a very popular figure

In the past, Kayla Braxton has had major issues regarding her s*xuality stating: "All my life I have had to choose, 'Are you black? Are you white? What do you want to fill-in? Tonight I chose not to have to choose.

Hello, world, I'm Kayla and yes, I'm bis*xual." After that, it was hectic hours for the woman who, due to insults, was forced to deactivate her social network account for a certain period of time. In the past, this thing had already occurred and in particular, the unpleasant episode was born in the period of positivity to Kayla's Covid who explained through social media: "While I was at work tonight I received a phone call that warned me that someone very close to me had died.

due to Covid-19. This evening on social media I noticed several tweets about it that were tagging me and I was disgusted by everything that was happening." WWE interviewer Kayla Braxton says she is embarrassed by the role she played in a SmackDown segment involving Roman Reigns in 2019.

“That was the first take, only scream, only practice scream,” Braxton said. “I watched it back like, ‘Oh my gosh, Kayla, come on.’ So embarrassing. One of my most embarrassing moments in WWE. It was a very cool moment but, man, I wish I had done better. Next time I’ll practice my scream”.