Mustafa Ali pays tribute to Triple H

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Mustafa Ali pays tribute to Triple H

Recently, WWE has released a statement to announce that Triple H has been hospitalized for a few days following heart surgery. The Stamford federation wanted to reassure fans about the health of the 14-time world champion, who will make a full recovery in a rather quick amount of time.

“Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, underwent successful surgery last week at Yale-New Haven Hospital following a cardiac event. The episode was caused by a genetic heart problem and Paul is expected to make a full recovery," the WWE note reads.

Numerous illustrious personalities from the world of wrestling, including superstars and insiders, have sent The Game wishes for a speedy recovery. Current Raw superstar Mustafa Ali wanted to share a really emotional story on HHH about his time at 205 Live.

“When I was at 205 Live, I had to move to Orlando. My wife, who was pregnant at the time, remained in Chicago instead. About a month before the due date, I asked Triple H if he would be allowed to go home for a week. Hunter didn't even let me finish the phase and told me to go to my wife right away so I can enjoy fatherhood as much as possible.

Hunter is an extraordinary man, there are very few like him,” said Mustafa Ali.

Mustafa Ali on Triple H

Triple H has not yet officially retired from wrestling and has never hidden that he dreams of a fairytale ending at Madison Square Garden.

“It would be the best for me to end my career at MSG” - he said in a long interview with SportsNation. "If the occasion coincided with WrestleMania, it would be even more special. I'm looking for something interesting for my last play in the ring.

Even a farewell tour of the major arenas in the United States wouldn't be bad, the problem is finding the time to train. We'll see." Triple H has done it all in WWE. Be it headlining multiple WrestleMania events, beating the very best in the ring, or putting over young talents -- 'The King of Kings' has contributed to the business like very few have.

He is one of the most revered guys in the industry, mostly due to his work with WWE NXT over the past few years. Triple H had the following to say after 25 years in WWE: "Every single person that I met, worked with along the way, got in the ring with, I learned something from.

They were a cog in the wheel of me being here for 25 years, doing what I've been able to do. The things I've learned, to be in the spot I'm in—it's been a hell of a ride," said Triple H.