Kevin Owens is very close to joining AEW

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Kevin Owens is very close to joining AEW

All Elite Wrestling has gotten some important reinforcements for its roster in recent times, such as CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, and Adam Cole. All these grafts, each with a past even in WWE in some cases even recent, have left wrestling fans wondering who might be next to jump on board.

Starting with Kevin Owens, on whose eventual farewell to the WWE some authoritative confirmations have arrived in these hours. Kevin Owens got fans talking when he recently posted a tweet containing the coordinates for Mount Rushmore, and it all started real speculation that could foresee a reunion for the Mount Rushmore stable composed by Owens, the Young Bucks, and Adam Cole.

Which, of course, would happen in AEW. But that's not all, because the Canadian has also changed the description of him on his biography on Twitter where you can now read "Almost there"

Backstage News on Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens tweeted and deleted a cryptic tweet, hinting towards possibly jumping ship to AEW and reforming his alliance with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks.

In the now-deleted tweet, Owens mentioned the coordinates of Mt. Rushmore. Fans were quick to spot that this was a reference to his stable, Mt. Rushmore, with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks before signing with WWE. In 2018, the former WWE Universal Champion said during an interview that he had signed a five-year contract with the company, but according to some, it seems that his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment could also end sooner.

According to 'Fightful Select', in fact, Kevin Owens' work agreement with Vince McMahon's federation will expire next year instead. In this sense, it is important to remember that WWE changed the clauses of several contracts during the pandemic and that Kevin Owens' agreement will expire in January 2022.

The reference to Mount Rushmore dates back to the times of the PWG, where the current Prizefighter was a group with the Young Bucks and Adam Cole. Inevitably, however, fans are speculating on these words. However, no one will be able to unravel the mystery until the strong wrestler's contract actually expires.

In recent days, wrestling legend Mick Foley has been releasing words that 'sound bad' for the Stamford-based company: "WWE is no longer the place any athlete aspires to go, AEW is doing a great job of recruiting new talent. to build their characters and storylines, but it is also the fault of WWE itself."