WWE has announced the signing of Gable Steveson

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WWE has announced the signing of Gable Steveson

The news of the signing with WWE of the Olympic champion, gold medalist in the fight in Tokyo 2021, Gable Steveson, is finally official. Steveson will join WWE as he defends his NCCA title for the University of Minnesota. This is the statement made by Vince McMahon's company: “WWE signs Olympic gold medal and reigning NCAA champion Gable Steveson for an exclusive deal.

In the company's first NIL contract, Steveson will join the WWE roster as he defends his NCAA title for the University of Minnesota." The reply on Twitter of the boy, who is only 21 years old, so he is very young, was this: "Childhood dream come true...

I have officially signed with WWE !!! Thanks for the opportunity!! LET'S GO TO WORK! " Gable also let us know during an interview that he would like to collaborate with Paul Heyman and also told us about his relationship with Brock Lesnar: “Brock Lesnar is absolutely unique in his genre.

I say this with full knowledge of the facts since I know him very well. We often train together and we have the opportunity to exchange opinions. I think Brock is the best athlete ever in WWE history, he's a freak of nature in some ways.

I would love to have unique characteristics like him."

Gable Steveson took to Twitter to express his delight

Gable Steveson took to Twitter to express his delight at signing with WWE and said he had accomplished his childhood dream.

This is a huge get for the company, especially considering the freestyle wrestler's incredible success at the Olympic Games in Tokyo in August. Gable has appeared on WWE programming a couple of times this year. He was at ringside for NXT TakeOver: Stand and Deliver in April and backstage at WrestleMania 37.

Most recently, he was featured in the ring at SummerSlam alongside fellow Olympic gold medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock. Another person who was in WWE's sights after the Tokyo Olympics is Tamara Mensah-Stock. Apparently, the wrestler would be a huge WWE fan for years and in addition to winning the Olympic medal, she is also the reigning world champion of the same discipline and number one in the women's world rankings.

During an interview with the microphones of NBCUniversal, Mensah-Stock said that he would participate with great pleasure in WWE activities, with the same company as Stamford who would have appreciated it, so much so that he would post the excerpt of the girl's interview on his official profile, suggesting that in the not too distant future he could step into the McMahon ring.