New details on the 2021 WWE Draft

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New details on the 2021 WWE Draft

At some point each year the WWE decides to reshuffle the cards on the table and change the composition of the two Raw and SmackDown rosters. As we have been accustomed to since 2019, also this year a new edition of the Draft is scheduled for the fall season, but even after passing SummerSlam, WWE has not revealed any details regarding its possible date.

After several rumors, it seems that dates have finally been decided. In fact, according to what Andrew Zarian reported in the latest edition of his Mat Men podcast, WWE has already decided internally the two dates on which to air the 2021 edition of the Draft.

The plans would include the first part during the episode of SmackDown on October 1 and the second during the subsequent episode of Raw on October 4. The format would remain virtually unchanged compared to that of recent years and the second part would coincide with the Season Premiere of Raw, which this year will be advertised as the 30th Season Premiere of the show.

Consequently, the Season Premiere of SmackDown will be the episode of October 8, that is, the first evening with the roster renewed after the Draft.

The latest news on the 2021 WWE Draft

But the episode of SmackDown on October 8 should also see the beginning of two tournaments: the return of the King of the Ring, now in its 22nd edition, and the debut of the Queen of the Ring, that is the female version of the famous tournament.

elimination. Matches of the various stages are expected to take place in both weekly shows, with the finals to be played in Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia on Thursday 21 October. We recall how recently the WWE has filed the "Queen's Crown Tournament" brand, which could be the name chosen for the women's tournament, but there are still no specific details on the matter, let alone official announcements from the company.

While not confirmed by the company, WWE plans to hold the 2021 Draft at the start of October following the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, which is set for September 26th. However, with the arrival of Lynch, it is safe to presume that she might hold on to the title for a while, building other babyface stars like Liv Morgan and Toni Storm in the process.

Belair is already established and would need to move away from Becky Lynch to remain on top. Bianca Belair should switch brands after losing to Becky Lynch once again and go after the RAW Women's Championship within a few months, feuding with Charlotte Flair in the process. Meanwhile, The Queen must not lose her title in her budding feud with Alexa Bliss.