WWE offered a similar deal as AEW to Daniel Bryan

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WWE offered a similar deal as AEW to Daniel Bryan

In recent weeks, All Elite Wrestling has surprised most fans of this business by triggering a series of 'ninety hits' and buying superstars of great caliber. After the comeback of a fan-favorite superstar like CM Punk in the wrestling world, the All Out event proved to be one of the best of the year not only for the level of fight offered in the ring but also for what happened at the end of the show starring Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson, aka Daniel Bryan, made their federation debut under Tony Khan.

Many are wondering why after years of WWE a now-legendary wrestler in the company like Daniel Bryan has decided to leave Vince McMahon's federation and move to the rival company. During one of the last episodes of Wrestling Observer Radio, well-known colleague Dave Meltzer explained the situation: "Both offers (both WWE and AEW) were similar financially and both companies authorized the wrestler to fight.

in New Japan. This was a major WWE opening that is thinking not only of Bryan but also of granting this privilege to other superstars. It must be said that at the moment, besides Bryan, no other superstar seems to have asked to be able to fight in New Japan."

Daniel Bryan decided to leave WWE

WWE offered a similar deal as AEW to Bryan Danielson, FKA Daniel Bryan before the former WWE Champion decided to leave the company and join AEW. This offer, Meltzer points out, is groundbreaking because WWE hardly ever allows its superstars to fight for other companies while under contract.

The reality is that the new star of, "AEW thought about what would be useful for professional wrestling as a whole rather than what would be important to him, and only after this reflection did he decide to leave WWE and join AEW."

These rumors were confirmed by Daniel Bryan himself who revealed that he had also received an excellent offer from WWE. Danielson confirmed after his AEW debut that WWE had offered him a good contract, while also allowing him to work elsewhere.

"WWE was so gracious with me as far as the offer that they gave me. They were gonna let me go do some other stuff on the outside," said Danielson after his AEW debut. But, Bryan decided to leave WWE and take on new challenges at AEW.

Prior to the expiry of his contract, various reports had suggested that WWE reached out to NJPW to strike a deal that would see the likes of Daniel Bryan wrestle in the Japanese promotion while still being contracted with WWE.