Could AJ Lee be back in the ring soon?

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Could AJ Lee be back in the ring soon?

Since his return to pro wrestling at AEW Rampage: The First Dance about two weeks ago, CM Punk has been asked repeatedly why he decided to hit the rings again more than four years after his turbulent farewell to WWE. But now, in an appearance on the 'WFAN's Moose & Maggie' podcast, the Chicago-based athlete has also been asked for an update on wife AJ Lee.

And, as hasn't been the case for some time, CM Punk explained in no uncertain terms that he hoped to return to see his wife wrestling. However, according to him, this may never happen. "I'd love to see it," said CM Punk.

“I am asked this question every time I do an interview, and I am glad that it is. I absolutely love it. But no, I don't think he wants to do it."

Latest update on AJ Lee

Several women have come and gone from the company over the past few years, including Peyton Royce, Ruby Riott, and even Mickie James.

All of these stars could have been used better and were instead overlooked in favor of WWE's favorites. AJ Lee was one of the best female wrestlers out there ahead of the Women's Revolution. However, times have changed in the company now and it's unlikely that she would be able to fit back in.

AJ Lee is much of the reason why the push for the Women's Revolution happened. It's sad that the former Champion was never able to be part of the change that she helped to create. And CM Punk also wanted to explain the reasons for this belief: "I don't think AJ has this intention, because she is a woman with a really small body and, above all, her neck is in very bad condition.

high for women in wrestling, I mean athletes who practice a complete program, is very short. Unfortunately, for reasons of physical wear, the career of women is much shorter than that of men." Plus CM Punk feels that AJ Lee has other priorities at the moment: "I think she's very, very focused on what she's doing now, writing scripts.

She's working on a million different projects, and she likes to get carried away in an incredibly large number. I think maybe, maybe, the idea of ​​coming back might also please her. But that can't even enter her vocabulary right now.

is working" There's also the added factor that Lee retired because of a back injury, which could be the reason why the former star is yet to return to the ring.