Tessa Blanchard is considered dangerous by several companies

Tessa Blanchard made her IMPACT Wrestling debut on the Redemption pay-per-view

by Simone Brugnoli
Tessa Blanchard is considered dangerous by several companies

The last time we saw Tessa Blanchard was when the wrestler was part of the Impact Wrestling roster when she also managed to dominate the men's division as well as the women's one. Recently, however, the news had come out that the NWA had contacted her this summer, but it is not known whether the two parties actually reached an agreement to be able to put the woman under contract.

But are there potentially other companies willing to propose an agreement to Tessa in order to enrich their female roster?

Latest update on Tessa Blanchard

At the beginning of 2020, Tully Blanchard's daughter ended up in the midst of a controversy that was not at all light, meaning she was accused of mistreating some of her colleagues and using the N-Word.

These accusations have certainly put Tessa Blanchard's career in the balance as since she was released from IMPACT she has disappeared from the screens of wrestling fans and has not given any signal for a possible landing in another company.

Cassidy Haynes of Bodyslam.net reported that Tessa's name came up while she was talking to some of her sources about her. It has in fact been made known that AEW and WWE are not at all interested in the wrestler. These are the words quoted: “I was told that there are no plans for her to appear in WWE, NXT, or AEW.

A source added, 'You are nuclear. Nobody wants her close." I was also told a few months ago while talking to a major indie promoter that when her name came up, he said, "I have to stay away, she's nuclear right now." So at this moment, no company wants to take the responsibility of putting the woman under contract because she risks creating serious problems in the locker room and damaging the image of the product, even if she would not be the first and last to do so.

During All Out, the last PPV of the AEW, there were also some choirs that said "We want Tessa" and others in response "No we don't want her." On a special episode of IMPACT called ReDefined, Tessa Blanchard won the IMPACT Knockouts Championship.

She defeated Allie and Su Yung in a three-way contest. She held the title for 147 days before losing it to Taya Valkyrie. At Slammiversary XVII, she competed against Sami Callihan in the first-ever intergender match to headline a professional wrestling pay-per-view. She also competed in a ladder match for the Impact X-Division Championship in a losing effort.

Tessa Blanchard