Jeff Hardy speaks about Roman Reigns

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Jeff Hardy speaks about Roman Reigns

The WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns is the one who has dominated not only the blue Friday Night Smackdown roster but in general the entire WWE for over a year now. All the wrestlers in Vince McMahon's company permanently try to challenge or send challenge messages to the champion, and the latest message to the company's Tribal Chief came from Jeff Hardy.

Currently, the WWE wrestler plays on Monday Night Raw but the low usage in recent months suggests that the world's leading wrestling company wants to get rid of the wrestler soon. Recently, Matt Hardy himself, Jeff's brother, complained about the poor use of the wrestler in WWE.

Jeff Hardy thinks differently.

Jeff Hardy talks about Roman Reigns

Speaking on the Wrestling Inside the Ropes podcast Jeff Hardy spoke about his goals in WWE and revealed what he would like to do before retiring: "My number one goal in this moment is to be WWE Universal Champion and I want to take this title at least once before my retirement day.

I still don't know how much time I have and I am living my day to day job here, but my goal is just to entertain people. After difficult months we can finally work in front of the live audience and this is exciting for me.

Roman Reigns is a really powerful lonely man, every time I see SmackDown I can't help but appreciate him, the Usos and the whole Head of the Table story. The tribal chief is very strong and we all know it, it will be a dream match and I think the one-on-one match against Roman Reigns is my first wish and I think it could be a very nice match."

Given the situation of Jeff Hardy in the company, it remains to be seen, however, if the WWE will decide to fulfill the dream of the former member of the Hardy Boyz. Many fans are not happy with Roman Reigns not getting the top spot on the PWI 500 list.

After having such a dominating year, Reigns not being at the top does come as a bit of a surprise. However, nothing should be taken away from Kenny Omega, who has been absolutely brilliant after having a relatively quiet last year where he was ranked #13.

But the Tribal Cheif's fans want PWI to acknowledge him. Despite being pushed heavily for many years, fans never completely accepted Roman Reigns as the company's top babyface. All that changed last year when he turned heel and aligned himself with Paul Heyman.

The entire Tribal Chief persona, combined with intense storytelling and all the family drama, has made SmackDown a must-watch show every week.