Booker T defends Mick Foley

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Booker T defends Mick Foley

In recent weeks the AEW has landed some big hits that have certainly not gone unnoticed among wrestling fans. After CM Punk's incredible comeback, Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson also made their All Elite Wrestling debut at the end of All Out.

These engagements got everyone talking, even leading figures in this discipline like Mick Foley, who posted a video titled "WWE-WE HAVE A PROBLEM" to express his point of view on the matter. Apparently, as Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast argues, the comments of Mick Foley, still tied to the WWE under a legendary contract, would not have been liked by members of the Stamford-based federation.

But Booker T, who shared his opinion during the last episode of his podcast The Hall of Fame, defended him. "He was critical but in a constructive way. I can only agree with Mick Foley. He is a smart man, he knows what he says he is.

If these words come from him, they must be taken seriously," Booker T said.

Booker T praises Mick Foley

Booker T explained how WWE needs to get to work to fill in their gaps, because younger people could become attached to AEW and the Stamford federation could lose its lead in the coming years: "A problem with wrestling and younger people is that everything changes quickly.

AEW is in a childish state, but there are a lot of kids watching wrestling today and it's possible that their first experience as a spectator isn't with WWE. It could be with the AEW. If you don't think about this generation gap, you could be making a mistake"

Finally, Booker T also agreed with Mick Foley about the management of emerging talent: "As for what Mick Foley said about Karrion Kross," if it ain't broke don't fix it... how many times have I already said that? If it works, don't change it.

You can go ahead and improve it, but not change it. I agree with Mick Foley 100%. We have to get to work, the end of the story." On the latest Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T, along with co-host Brad Gilmore, discussed the latest WWE releases.

Gilmore revealed that he was shocked when he saw Strowman's name on the releases list. Booker T said he too was surprised to see The Monster Among Men being let go by WWE. "Yeah, it definitely made me go, 'Wow!,' you know, 'Braun Strowman?' And then I started looking at it from a business perspective, you know, if it is true, the rumors out there saying Braun Strowman had a huge contract and he was making a lot of money.

When doing budget cuts, that's the one thing you're going to be thinking of - 'Who do we really need? Who's the guy we really need here to keep this thing running?'" said Booker T.