*Spoiler* The Demon Finn Balor made his long-awaited return to WWE

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*Spoiler* The Demon Finn Balor made his long-awaited return to WWE

In last night's special episode of SmackDown, which McMahon's company did live at Madison Square Garden, an important stage for WWE wrestling, everything really happened. The most important thing is certainly the change that has been made to one of the most important matches of the card, the one between Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor with the Universal title held by the Tribal Chief up for grabs.

In last week's episode of the blue show, the two had already challenged each other in the ring, with Roman coming out the winner thanks to the Usos who attacked the Prince before the match, making him very angry. In fact, as Roman Reigns was heading backstage after the match, a red light came on in the arena, accompanied by the sound of a heartbeat anticipating something special.

Finn Balor is back

Brock Lesnar arrives to challenge Roman Reigns for the universal title and Roman replies that he will do so when he first thinks of getting Finn Bálor out of the way and at that point what we all expected happens.

The lights go out and turn red invading Madison Square Garden as fans go mad and Demon Finn Bálor comes out to face the Samoan champion face to face. It is the first time since June 2019 that we have reviewed this version of the Irish athlete after he challenged former WWE wrestler Andrade at WWE Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia.

WWE has thus confirmed that at Extreme Rules on September 26, 2021, the challenge will no longer be between Roman Reigns and Finn Bálor, but between Roman Reigns and Demon Finn Bálor, thus changing many cards on the table on this match.

At this point, it becomes really unpredictable to understand who will win even if obviously the fans still favor Roman Reigns, believing that someone with a greater status is needed to take away from him in the title, but never say never, especially when dealing with a demon.

Earlier this week, WWE announced Roman Reigns will be defending his Universal title against Finn Balor at Extreme Rules this month. However, following this week's show, it is safe to assume that Reigns will face 'The Demon' instead.

This will be Finn Balor's first match as his alter-ego in over two years. The Demon last appeared at WWE Super ShowDown 2019 in Saudi Arabia, defending his Intercontinental title against former WWE Superstar Andrade. Finn Balor remains undefeated on the main roster as The Demon. However, his undefeated streak could come to an end at the hands of Roman Reigns later this month.