*Spoiler* The Women's division excluded from SmackDown

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*Spoiler* The Women's division excluded from SmackDown

We are in 2021, almost in 2022, and still, sometimes it seems that women's wrestling is stuck in the years in which women did not even fight and did only fight in the mud or with pillows. This is because it often happens that when you give the sop you think you have solved everything because according to the mentality of many, having done an all-female PPV or having waved the flag of the Women's Revolution was enough and now women in wrestling must shut up and good.

The reality is that the women's revolution can never stop because there is so much work still to be done, there is still a lot of difference between how men are treated and how women are treated in any workplace. In wrestling, this thing is absolutely no different and demonstrating this, is the situation about the women's division, in this case, in WWE.

Roman Reigns kicked off the SmackDown from Madison Square Garden with The Usos and Paul Heyman making their way to the ring with him. Reigns said that he owned WWE and the company-owned New York. Hence, he owned the city and MSG.

SmackDown: The female division suffers cuts

On September 10, 2021, WWE returned to Madison Square Garden, a very important place for the entire history of the company, which is located in New York, home to one of the greatest tragedies in history.

Yes, because on 11th September, we remember the disaster of the Twin Towers that took place twenty years ago, a disaster in which the father of one of the WWE superstars, Zelina Vega, also died. And Zelina is one of the victims of the cuts made to this episode of the blue show, along with Carmella, Liv Morgan and a mysterious partner who is said to have been Toni Storm who was verbally attacked by Vega during the last Talking Smack.

All this reported by Fightful Select. The four in fact had to compete in a match in pairs, but due to the short time left they were excluded from the card, as well as Naomi and Sonya Deville who are having some communication problems.

Fortunately, Naomi, like many superstars in the period of social media, is carrying on the storyline on Twitter, keeping the interest of the WWE Universe alive as much as possible. Backstage on SmackDown, Reigns and the Usos were not happy, and Heyman said that The Tribal Chief would answer Brock's challenge when he was ready to.