Former WWE star pays tribute to Rob Van Dam

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Former WWE star pays tribute to Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam has written memorable pages of wrestling history, having combined an unmistakable style in the ring with extraordinary charisma. He is the only superstar to be a Triple Crown Champion of both WWE and ECW. RVD is also known as 'The Franchise of ECW', of which he was the point man from the late 1990s until the company went bankrupt.

In 2002 he was ranked first in Pro Wrestling Illustrated's annual list of the best 500 wrestlers, testifying to the enormous value of this authentic legend in the eyes of both fans and insiders. In the course of a long exclusive interview with Sportskeeda microphones, former WWE superstar Kevin Thorn described his work experience with Rob Van Dam.

The two collaborated frequently in 2006-2007, having faced each other eight times in front of the television screens.

Kevin Thorn reflects on Rob Van Dam

"I had found the nickname 'RV-Dizzle' for Rob Van Dam.

I've always called him that, while he used to nickname me 'Kevin Vampire-Dude' Whenever I had the chance to work with him, I realized how naturally he was inclined to wrestling. I was never tense before our matches, knowing that he would do everything perfectly.

We had so much fun together,” Thorn recalled. RVD decided to leave WWE to marry the TNA project, only to return to Vince McMahon's company for a few sporadic matches. “Rob has always had a very casual attitude backstage, it seemed like nothing could upset him.

He had reached a point in his career where there was nothing more to prove, so he was totally relaxed. He got into the ring and had a lot of fun, since we are talking about a real champion. It was everyone's dream to be able to work with him,” added Kevin.

Van Dam was officially inducted into the Hall of Fame just this year, a well-deserved recognition for an exemplary figure both in and out of the ring. Ricardo Rodriguez took us back to the time when he acted in this legendary video: "I met Rob Van Dam way before WWE.

I worked with Rob Van Dam way before WWE. I used to train at this school in California called KnokX Pro which was owned by Rikishi. And Rob Van Dam came down when he was in TNA to film his music video. So, if you ever go back and can go on YouTube and look it up...I believe the name of the band was Kushinator. Myself and Miro are both in the video. Cuz we both used to train together."