*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar makes an amazing return

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*Spoiler* Brock Lesnar makes an amazing return

In New York's legendary Madison Square Garden, Brock Lesnar will be back in action after more than a year, while Edge and Seth Rollins will kill each other for the second time since Summerslam! After a short video where he relives the attack on the twin towers of 20 years ago, the evening starts with the entry of the BLOODLINE full!

UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROMAN REIGNS takes the microphone and, after claiming to be the top of the federation, orders the New York public to recognize him as such ... BUT BROCK LESNAR'S THEME SONG RINGS !!! THE BEAST IS BACK !!!

Lesnar circumnavigates the square and immediately goes face to face with Reigns and the USOS! Heyman attempts to calm the situation, but Brock stops him and asks his old manager why he didn't warn the Tribal Chief about his presence at Summerslam.

Roman looks slightly annoyed and leaves with his two cousins! Heyman starts having a split personality and introduces his ex-client!!!

Brock Lesnar's come to WWE SmackDown

Brock Lesnar laughs heartily but then asks for the promised title shot.

Paul is speechless ... LESNAR'S F-5 ON HEYMAN ... SUPERMAN PUNCH BY REIGNS !!! Usos attack Brock ... DOUBLE ARM TENSION AND SUPLEX CITY BITCH TO THE DAMAGE OF THE TWO SAMOANS !!! Lesnar, in the version of a cheerful lumberjack, observes Reigns from afar, as the latter returns backstage.

Backstage, we see the MISTER MITB BIG E team getting excited for the 5 Vs 5 to be held shortly! Near the locker rooms, we see Kayla Braxton interrupting the BLOODLINE, with only PAUL HEYMAN who stops talking and says he doesn't think about the challenge launched by Lesnar but about the match for the duo titles between Usos and Street Profits.

Shortly before 5 Vs 5, SAMI ZAYN, questionably dressed, introduces Trae Young with great emphasis. Brock Lesnar cornered his former advocate and forced him to accept a title shot on behalf of Roman while fans screamed “Suplex City” on top of their lungs.

Despite Heyman’s multiple attempts to bank on their past relationship, he ended up on his former client’s shoulders for a potential F5. He would have been slammed harshly onto the mat if not for Roman Reigns’ Superman punch.

Lesnar dropped Heyman and picked Reigns up for an F5 before The Usos ran an interference, allowing the Universal Champion to escape. Unfortunately, Jey and Jimmy Uso couldn’t escape punishment as Lesnar subjected them to multiple Suplexes in WWE SmackDown’s opening segment.