*Spoiler* NBA star Trae Young debuts in WWE

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*Spoiler* NBA star Trae Young debuts in WWE
*Spoiler* NBA star Trae Young debuts in WWE

5 Vs 5 Tag Team Match: Big E & King Nakamura & Rick Boogs & The Mysterios Vs Sami Zayn & Apollo Crews w Azzez & Dirty Dawgs & Otis w Chad Gable The Intercontinental Champion starts strong before Otis intervenes.

The ring fills up with people and we see Rey Mysterio end up on the ropes ... AND TRAE YOUNG ATTACKS HIM, BUT THE REFEREE SEES EVERYTHING AND EXPELS HIM !!! As he protests ... ZAYN HITS DOUBLE 619 AND ... BIG ENDING !!! 1 ... 2 ...

3 !!!! In the post-match, after the celebrations, Kayla Braxton interviews BIG E, who promises that he will cash the briefcase as soon as possible either on Roman Reigns or on Bobby Lashley. WWE has pulled in many big names lately, and NBA star Trae Young was just the latest.

NBA star Trae Young debuts in WWE

The Atlanta Hawks' star player was brought on SmackDown as Sami Zayn's guest before a 10-man tag team match. Young is one of the NBA's biggest stars, and he helped the Atlanta Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals last season.

The Hawks fell to the eventual NBA Champions, The Milwaukee Bucks. Just as MSG has a special place in WWE's heart, Young has fond memories of being in the iconic arena. During the first round of this year's NBA playoffs, Trae Young scored 30 points in three straight games at MSG.

His actions on Rey Mysterio made fans boo the NBA All-Star. This led to the referee dismissing Trae Young from ringside; meanwhile, the crowd erupted in cheers as the referee walked him out. After the match, ‘The Ice‘ Trae Young was in a backstage interview where he was asked about Madison Square Garden and his return to the arena after the stellar 30 points in three straight games at the NBA Playoffs.

Soon, former Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn interrupted the interview and apologized for what happened earlier in the event. But Young had enough and simply walked out on Zayn. Ever since Becky Lynch has become one of WWE’s major stars, she has always been compared to some of the biggest names in the business.

Not just that, but she has also shared the ring with the who’s who of pro-wrestling, such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin and more! Speaking of Dwayne Johnson, Becky Lynch stole his thunder when the duo shared the ring during SmackDown’s premiere on FOX in October 2019. Since then, ‘The Man’ has often been compared to the ‘People’s Champion.’


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