*Spoiler* Another brilliant match between Edge and Seth Rollins

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*Spoiler* Another brilliant match between Edge and Seth Rollins

Edge Vs Seth Rollins Balanced start with Rollins almost appearing to laugh after responding to an attack from Edge. The Friday Night Messiah seems to have extra gear and crushes the Canadian after two GLAM SLAMs (the final move of Edge's wife) ...

1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! The Canadian reacts and ... PEDIGREE A SIGN !!! INCREDIBLE!!! 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! The Rated-R Superstar knocks out Rollins after a dive outside the ring and then ... CROSSFACE ON THE SQUARE !!! SETH IS INSIDE, BUT HE'S GOOD TO TOUCH THE STRINGS!!!

Edge and Seth Rollins delivered yet another brilliant match

Edge and Seth Rollins delivered yet another brilliant match on WWE SmackDown and showed us why the writers decided to extend this feud beyond SummerSlam. Their last battle was flawless, and it ended with the Rated-R Superstar picking up a victory.

Tonight, The Architect settled the score in a match that had the most compelling psychology and storytelling we have seen in a while. The Canadian performs the Edge-Cution and loads the SPEAR ... ROLLINS NECKBREAKER AND IMMEDIATELY EDGE'S POWERBOMB !!!

1 ... 2 ... 2 MORE !!! The two are on the third-string ... POWERBOMB ON THE CORNER OF ROLLINS AND CURB ST ... SPEAR OF EDGE FROM NOTHING !!! 1 .... 2 ... NOOO !!! KICK-OUT OF SETH !!! Seth Rollins hits Edge with an attack on the verge of irregularity ...

SUPERKICK ... SECOND ROLLINS SUPERKICK !!! Seth is gassed and orders Edge, now unconscious, to stay down ... CURB STOMP A SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... 3 !!! SETH ROLLINS BEATS EDGE AT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN !!! Edge seems to have lost consciousness after the numerous kicks received by the Friday Night Messiah and is rescued by doctors.

Subsequently, the Canadian is taken away on a stretcher, under the almost shocked gaze of Rollins. And on these images, the second part of Super SmackDown ends! Brock Lesnar made his triumphant return to WWE at SummerSlam and confronted Roman Reigns.

Last night, Lesnar returned to SmackDown at Madison Square Garden for the first time in almost two years to stake his claim at Reigns’ Universal Championship. Although Paul Heyman tried his best to talk Lesnar out of the Universal Championship match, it didn’t do him any favors.

In fact, Heyman was all set to be put down with an F5. Luckily, Roman Reigns made the save with a Superman Punch on the ‘Beast Incarnate.’