*Spoiler* The Street Profits secured a Tag Team Title bout

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*Spoiler* The Street Profits secured a Tag Team Title bout

The third and final part of Super SmackDown opens backstage, where we see EDGE taken away in an ambulance and especially encouraged by REY MYSTERIO! Always behind the scenes we see interviewed SETH ROLLINS, who does not seem to enjoy the victory and confesses to feeling very confused.

We are still backstage, where ROMAN REIGNS loads the USOS COUPLE CHAMPIONS, while he still seems to be angry with PAUL HEYMAN for the revelation made by Lesnar earlier in the evening, with the latter unable to respond. We have already reached the main event of the special Super SmackDown, with THE STREET PROFITS entering the square and being followed by the USOS CHAMPIONS IN CHARGE !!!

It's 2021 and The Street Profits have headlined a show at Madison Square Garden after the latest episode of SmackDown. When Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins made their WWE main roster debut, it's unlikely that anyone would have seen them headline the show in the iconic arena.

The Street Profits have headlined a show at MSG

The Usos (c) Vs The Street Profits The two Samoans start convincingly and immediately knock Montez Ford out of the ring thanks to Jimmy! The arrival of Angelo seems to rebalance the fortunes, but the two reigning champions do not give up and regain control of the operations.

Montez returns to the square and takes revenge for the blow immediately at the beginning of the match, hitting the Usos with a spectacular SUICIDE DIVE !!! Meanwhile, the UNIVERSAL CHAMPION ROMAN REIGNS and PAUL HEYMAN arrive to observe everything on stage!

Ford resists various attacks and ... BLOCKBUSTER ON JEY !!! 1 ... 2 ... ONLY 2 !!! Montez and Angelo climb from the third rope ... SPECTACULAR COMBINED MOVE TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... TWO MORE !!! Angelo tries to attack Jey again ... JIMMY'S SUPERKICK AND ...

ANGEL'S ROLLUP ... ONLY 2 !!! Jimmy recovers and ... SUPERKICK ... USOS SPLASH TO SIGN !!! 1 ... 2 ... NOOO !!! ANGEL SAVES !!! Jimmy gets up ... BUT GETS PUNCHED BY AN ANGEL FIST ... FROG SPLASH BY MONTEZ FORD ... IT'S DONE !!! 1 ...

2 ... GUILLOTINE OF REIGNS ON FORD !!!! THE REFEREE CALLS THE DISQUALIFICATION!!! While that was an unsatisfactory finish, it was made that way for a reason. Roman Reigns had a lot of heat on him and SmackDown ended with Demon Balor coming out to confront him with a huge pop.

The Street Profits and The Usos, meanwhile, are likely to go at it again for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles again at Extreme Rules - hopefully with a fun stipulation.