Paul Heyman comments on Becky Lynch's return

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Paul Heyman comments on Becky Lynch's return

Recently, we reported that Becky Lynch spoke about the speech that has seen her as a protagonist since her return to Summerslam, or the debate on her turn heel which would also be inspired by the path that Roman Reigns made.

The Irishman said a very simple phrase that sums up everything she is creating in the feud with Bianca Belair: "I haven't changed, I've just gotten smarter." Obviously, the public is very divided right now, not knowing if they want to support her or if they prefer to be on the side of EST and cheer for her at Extreme Rules where the two will officially compete for the title of SmackDown champion.

Paul Heyman gave a detailed answer when asked about the possibility of Naomi joining The Bloodline. Heyman also indicated that Naomi could already be a part of the group. "At the moment I think we are addressing the enormous box office attractions that are now coming back seemingly all the time against the Tribal Chief and the fact that The Usos, who are reigning defending SmackDown tag team champions, are being pushed to the limit by the best tag team to come along besides The Usos in the past 20 years, the Street Profits.

We’re telling quite a few stories right now. As the year continues and we get into 2022, are there more stories to tell involving other personalities? I’m sure that there are."

Paul Heyman on Becky Lynch

Recently interviewed by Joseph Staszewski of the New York Post, Paul Heyman obviously talked about his work with Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, but also Becky Lynch.

He was asked about the SmackDown champion's potential as a character in a heel/tweener role, and how her fans can perceive her right now. He replied: "If the audience wants to welcome Becky Lynch as she shows this side of her personality after taking a year and a half off, having a baby girl, becoming a mother, with the responsibilities and obligations that come with that.

role in her life, then if the audience wants to welcome Becky Lynch, let them welcome Becky Lynch. And if the audience discovers that it is a more arrogant side of her personality that is worthy of their contempt then it is right to throw the emotions at her regard."

The manager also said that he is not so much in favor of positioning people as protagonists and antagonists because they all have different sides to their personality: "Events in life will change your perspective, your behavior and the way you address yourself.

people. So, if there is a coarser side to Becky's personality coming to the fore and you are a Becky fan, then welcome it and accept it."