Al Snow saved a child's life

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Al Snow saved a child's life

Allen Ray Sarven, known to the wrestling public as Al Snow, became the protagonist of a wonderful gesture towards a child, literally saving his life. In fact, he was on Santa Rosa Beach in Destin, Florida when he heard a child scream in despair while in the water, TMZ Sports reported.

Snow looked around and when he identified where the screams were coming from, he noticed a child being hit and carried by the ocean waves that seem really impressive. He did not think twice and dived, bringing him to safety to the delight of the child's mother.

Al made it known that there was also a lifeguard on the beach, but that he knew that he would not have had time to save the baby.

Al Snow has done a heroic act

"I knew she wasn't going to make it in time. I made it, thank God," Al Snow said.

"And I took him by his arm just as a wave pulled him even farther. If I hadn't caught him, I think he probably would have gone overboard. That would have been the case." Snow added that the rescue nearly turned into a disaster when a particularly strong wave pulled him and the baby underwater, and this reminded him of Shad Gaspard, who sadly drowned in May 2020.

in the Pacific Ocean to save his son. "I managed to stand up and hand it over to the lifeguard and I went back to my friend and we went up to the beach and I felt like I was going to collapse. I felt exhausted." Apparently, neither of them got hurt and in the end, it all ended well, with the baby's mother tearfully thanking Al Snow for the rescue.

It also appears that once the situation calmed down, a couple recognized him from the days when he was still struggling. We are really happy that the two are doing well and we congratulate Al Snow for his courage. Al Snow might not be the most accomplished superstar in WWE history, but he has won multiple titles during his time in the promotion.

He is a former European Champion, Hardcore Champion, and has also held the Tag Team titles with Mankind. During a recent chat with Sportskeeda Wrestling's Dr. Chris Featherstone on UnSKripted, Al Snow shared his thoughts on the WWE 24/7 title, a modern-day version of the Hardcore title.

He claimed that while it is entertaining, the lack of top stars like Seth Rollins attempting to win it has diminished its value.