Zelina Vega shares a poignant memory

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Zelina Vega shares a poignant memory

If there is a WWE Superstar who lives the 9/11 drama with even more emotion than the others, it is definitely Zelina Vega. As perhaps not everyone knows, in fact, the one who in everyday life is called Thea Trinidad lost her father when she was only a child, and the reason is that the man was right at the Twin Towers on the tragic day of their collapse.

And this 11 September, inevitably, was incredibly intense for her with the very strong emotion of her father's memory of her in the official event held in New York that left room for her deep disappointment at what happened in SmackDown.

Zelina Vega has in fact honored the memory of the parent by recalling him with some words taken from US televisions. Here is her brief speech, collected and disseminated via Twitter by the official channel of the site 'WrestlingNews.co': Zelina herself wanted to remember her father with a very personal post on Twitter, in which she showed the world, four family photographs of her together with the parent she lost when she was so young.

"For you, always. No matter what. I love you, dad. I hope to make you proud", the few words she added: So another message, addressed instead to all those who have shown closeness to her in this very special week: Ended, however, with the bitterness of SmackDown.

Zelina Vega was scheduled to team up with Carmella

In fact, on the Friday leading up to the twentieth anniversary of September 11, Zelina Vega would have to fight at SmackDown, also facilitated by the fact that the show was held in New York, in Madison Square Garden.

WWE itself, as stated by 'Post Wrestling', was particularly keen to give her a moment of glory on such a special day. Yet, however, something went wrong. In fact, her match, as we have seen, did not go on stage. Liv Morgan should have teamed up with Toni Storm against the team composed of Zelina Vega and Carmella, so much so that the four women were even already in combat gear and ready to fight, when they received the news that their match would not take place.

A real low blow for poor Zelina Vega, who wanted to comment on everything once again on Twitter, showing herself dressed as a wrestler and adding a simple "Don't worry": Moreover, her colleagues also wanted to show her their solidarity, with two identical posts in which they convey the same feeling. That, that is, of being left speechless.