Kevin Owens' time with WWE could come to an end by...

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Kevin Owens' time with WWE could come to an end by...

Not only Zelina Vega (with all the frustration it generated in her being ousted from SmackDown on the anniversary of her father's death). Kevin Owens is also one of the WWE Superstars who should have appeared in the super episode of the Madison Square Garden blue show, but who was later excluded.

With a series of questions that at this point are starting to become more and more frequent among professionals. The situation linked to the Canadian, and which materialized on Friday night, was summarized by the authoritative American site ''

According to his reconstructions, in fact, not only the presence of Kevin Owens at Super SmackDown was expected, but in WWE they had also planned the segment that should have involved him. KO, in fact, should have participated in the show in a segment with Happy Corbin, but the management decided to cut it on Friday afternoon, a few hours before the show started.

That's not all, however, given that Corbin himself (in his new "enriched" version thanks to the successful passage to Las Vegas on the occasion of SummerSlam) actually took part in the episode. The former King of the Ring, in fact, showed up at the end of the show, with the cameras now off, to go face to face with Finn Bàlor, however, having the worst.

Kevin Owens, on the other hand, did not show himself to the New York public in any way. And this is now starting to scare the fans of him.

Latest update on Kevin Owens

The WWE has in fact preferred to grant a very long playing time to Edge and Seth Rollins, but also to the final segments that have seen Roman Reigns as the protagonist, to the detriment of a still-relevant star of its roster such as Kevin Owens.

And now the absences of the latter are starting to be quite frequent, so much so that the hypothesis that his farewell to WWE is anything but to be ruled out is becoming increasingly popular. Kevin Owens got fans talking when he recently posted a tweet containing the coordinates for Mount Rushmore, and the whole thing gave rise to real speculation that could foresee a reunion for the Mount Rushmore stable composed in PWG by Owens himself, the Young Bucks and Adam Cole.

Which, of course, would happen in AEW. But that's not all, because the Canadian has also changed the description of him on his biography on Twitter where you can now read "Almost there" In 2018, the former WWE Universal Champion said during an interview that he had signed a 5-year contract with the company, but according to some, it seems that his contract with World Wrestling Entertainment could also end sooner.

According to 'Fightful Select', in fact, the KO work agreement with Vince McMahon's federation will expire next year instead. In this sense, it is important to remember that WWE changed the clauses of several contracts during the pandemic and that Kevin Owens' agreement will expire in January 2022.