Jeff Hardy wants a cinematic match against...

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Jeff Hardy wants a cinematic match against...

Jeff Hardy's largely shoddy usage on recent Monday Night Raw episodes has led many to believe the company has given up on pushing him. Fans also vented on the affair on social media. The person concerned, however, goes on his way.

And, indeed, he explains what use of the character he would love to see by WWE. The low-level booking for Jeff, lately, has become so evident that even his brother Matt Hardy has wanted to publicly address the issue of his lack of valorization in the company.

Despite all of this though, Jeff Hardy has made it clear that he's just there to do his job and that's all he cares about. The Charismatic Enigman also added that he has never felt uncomfortable with everything WWE has offered him in his career, even though they have dealt with his problems in real life.

Speaking on 'Wrestling Inside the Ropes' with James Stewart, Jeff Hardy revealed that he also has a dream cinematic match in his heart. Such a dispute would see him face the Usos in a haunted prison.

Jeff Hardy wants a cinematic match against...

“Actually, the Bar Fight between me and Sheamus made me super proud, because all that kind of negative feedback turned into something very positive, resulting in a bar fight my personal demons," explained Jeff Hardy.

He then moved on to the next topic: “I think, from a cinematic point of view, one of my biggest dream matches would be against the Usos because now their characters have the gimmick of prison guards. For example, going to a dilapidated old prison where paranormal or other events happen would be great.

But even more so would be going to a meeting with the Usos in an old haunted prison. I have had this idea for a long time, and I think I wrote a lot of ideas years ago. This is still one of the things I'd really like to do.

I think it can be extremely interesting." Jeff Hardy had also previously stated that a WWE Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns would be a dream match for him. Hypothesis, the latter, which at the moment appears decidedly less feasible.

We will have to wait to find out if any of Jeff's wishes will be fulfilled in the future or not. The Charismatic Enigma fought alongside The Usos on WWE SmackDown in June 2018. They defeated members of SAnitY - Alexander Wolfe, Eric Young, and Killian Dain - in a six-man tag team match that lasted almost seven minutes.