Drew McIntyre opens up on Tyson Fury

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Drew McIntyre opens up on Tyson Fury
Drew McIntyre opens up on Tyson Fury

Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury are still trying to have a wrestling match against each other. And to admit it is not the one who would have the most to gain, namely the boxer, but the Scottish ex-WWE Champion. The WWE wanted the two stars to fight for the WWE Title in the main event of a pay-per-view that they wanted to organize in Britain in 2020, so much so that they started a very lively discussion with both men.

Tyson Fury had previously confirmed that he should also appear at WrestleMania 36. Though the contest has yet to unfold, McIntyre is confident it will eventually take place. He opened up about this challenge and his vision of how it could happen during an interview with 'Inside The Ropes'

"I mean, we're going back and forth with each other on this thing, keeping digging at each other," McIntyre said. "The idea is out there, I don't want to go into too much detail, but basically when the pandemic situation happened it was just one step away to make that match.

Then we had to postpone, but something like this can restart at any moment. The idea of ​​pay-per-view in the UK has never disappeared from my mind, one way or another we will sooner or later."

Drew McIntyre on Tyson Fury

And Drew McIntyre also said he was convinced that such an event would gain the attention of the British people on wrestling and WWE more than it has been for all these years: "I don't think we necessarily need it, but in the UK we would have bet on it.

the eyes of even those who may not be watching WWE right now. Maybe longtime fans who might say 'Wait a minute, Tyson Fury is fighting this guy.' They'd find out that he's a great wrestler who won the WWE title and that comes from Scotland.

Yes, they certainly would like to pay attention to such an event." In other words, according to Drew McIntyre, his dispute with Tyson Fury would literally stop the whole country. "As I like to call it, it would be like a battle of Great Britain, or something like that," explained the Scotsman.

"A match like that at the top of the card I guess would be fantastic. It would make everyone stare and make our match event of the week. I don't see it as the biggest event of the night for the UK, it's a week-long event."

Drew Mcintyre Tyson Fury

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