*Spoiler* WWE totally changed the SmackDown show

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*Spoiler* WWE totally changed the SmackDown show

As you have been able to read on our pages, Kevin Owens was supposed to appear on Friday night in SmackDown, in a segment already widely scheduled and in which he would have seen it with Happy Corbin. However, all this did not happen, and after a few hours of inferences, the reasons seem to have emerged.

According to some reconstructions of these hours, in fact, the hypothesis had arisen that perhaps the WWE was punishing Owens for his recent activity on social media. The former Universal Champion had in fact published (and then deleted) a post on Twitter that had hinted at his future passage in AEW after the expiration of his contract with the WWE in January.

Apparently, though, that's not the truth. At least not according to WWE sources. Ringside News reported in the last few hours that the Owens-Corbin segment was cut simply due to a time issue. There is always the possibility that there are other problems at play in reality, but officially sources from the company said it was just a problem of time.

It's the same explanation given for the women's tag team match cut from the show. Zelina Vega was supposed to team up with Carmella against Toni Storm and Liv Morgan and they were all already dressed to perfection and ready to show up in the ring before they were told that there was no time for their fight.

WWE SmackDown delivered a solid show this week

Kevin Owens' situation will be interesting to follow over the next couple of months, as there are people in the company who believe he will eventually leave. KO suggested a move to AEW this week when he tweeted the coordinates of Mount Rushmore, and the Young Bucks played speculation with their Twitter bio update.

It was reported in the Wrestling Observer newsletter that Owens' deal with WWE expires on January 31, 2022. A year earlier, in short, compared to what had been around for a very long time. And he who knows if next winter will really prove to be the last in WWE for the first true Universal Champion in history (after the unfortunate one-day reign of Finn Bàlor).

WWE SmackDown delivered a solid show this week. The Blue brand witnessed massive returns, compelling matches and exciting swerves as top superstars looked to gain momentum ahead of Extreme Rules. There was just one questionable decision in an otherwise flawless show.