Samoa Joe makes a shocking announcement


Samoa Joe makes a shocking announcement

In recent weeks, a character who has forcefully returned to being in the NXT main event is undoubtedly its all-time champion Samoa Joe. After he left the scene a few months ago, with his physical problems that had forced him to stop fighting for months, with the McMahons who had thought of using him at the Monday Night Raw commentary table, there was also a quick dismissal, wanted by Vince McMahon but not by his son-in-law Triple H, who had immediately called Joe back to NXT, where the talent of Samoan origins had returned only a few weeks after his release.

Although initially, he seemed unable to fight for the aforementioned physical problems, in the end, Samoa Joe had even managed to challenge the absolute champion of the yellow show, Karrion Kross, arriving at a titled match, from which he emerged sensationally as the new NXT champion, the title that still brought the fighter to life.

Unfortunately for him, however, in the last few hours yet another physical problem seems to have arisen, which forced the athlete and therefore also the WWE, to decide to make the title of absolute champion vacant.

Samoa Joe has had two very successful runs

Thanks to a video posted by Samoa Joe himself, WWE Universe fans have learned in the last few hours, how the NXT champion must vacate his NXT Championship immediately.

At the moment it is not known what kind of injury has hit Joe, nor how much the athlete will be out of the scene, the only certain thing is that from now on, Samoa Joe will no longer be the champion, since he has preferred to make the belt vacant, to give the opportunity to any other colleague to get involved to go and win that much-coveted belt.

Although the decision made was very painful, as Joe confirms in the video that we will post below, it was the only valid option for Joe and the WWE medical staff, due to the wrestler's inability for the next few weeks if not months.

We will see what WWE will come up with now to crown its new champion, after this umpteenth debacle with a champion who abdicates due to an injury, as happened with Karrion Kross when he won his first title against Keith Lee.

Samoa Joe has had two very successful runs in the black and gold brand. He held the NXT Title twice in his first run and once in his second, thus making him the first superstar in WWE history to hold the title three times. The black and gold brand is set to undergo some major changes, which will start with this week's episode of NXT.

With this new change, a lot of interesting things will surely take place, and once Samoa Joe returns to the fold, he'll help elevate the brand as he did before.

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