WWE upsets plans for Extreme Rules

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WWE upsets plans for Extreme Rules

In the last few hours and days, it seems that WWE is really worrying about the sensational competition coming from the All Elite Wrestling rings, with the multitude of exes who have decided to take the famous jump to the other side of the fence, which is obviously troubling the management of the Stamford-based company, as it should be.

Some matches planned for the card of the next WWE PPV, Extreme Rules, such as Bobby Lashley vs Randy Orton valid for the WWE title of Monday Night Raw, have been or will be anticipated in the weekly episodes of the USA Network or FOX shows, with fans and insiders who are convinced that this move serves to raise the ratings, after the resounding victory also on that front of the AEW.

Apparently, according to what has been stated by Ringside News, it would not be so, with the WWE that would have decided in total autonomy to move these meetings, regardless of the competition of the number two company of America.

Extreme Rules: WWE moves important matches

As confirmed by Ringside News' Steve Carrier, Bobby Lashley vs Randy Orton's move from Extreme Rules to tonight's Monday Night Raw would have nothing to do with the rival company of newcomers Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan.

According to what the journalist said, in fact, the reasons that prompted WWE to opt for this change were others and something should enter into it with the competition of the American football matches that will coincide with Monday Night Raw.

According to the McMahons, therefore, direct competition from the World Series would be decidedly more dangerous than competition from AEW's Dynamite and Rampage, despite the most interesting demographic for pro-wrestling companies, namely the one that goes from 18 to 50 years old, AEW has already largely beaten Monday Night Raw this week.

For the moment, the WWE is therefore thinking about other sports to keep under control, while with another eye, it also keeps the company of the Khans under control, given that the competition is always "beautiful and useful", but still hides great pitfalls and dangers.

The WWE Universe has been waiting for Finn Balor's main event push for years. The Prince even went back to NXT in 2019 to achieve that main event status. WWE could finally pull the trigger this time. The alter-ego of Finn Balor has been undefeated on the main roster ever since his first appearance in 2016.

This winning streak could continue at Extreme Rules. Brock Lesnar may somehow distract Roman Reigns, allowing Finn Balor to take advantage and pick up the win.